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Week 8 Recap: We Know What Your "Intentions" Are...

Well friends, we are down to the final 3!  You've already read my predictions, so let's see if they hold true tonight.  With only 3 girls left, we will get to see a whole lot of one-on-one time with each of them, which is sure to be thrilling.  Don't worry, I have my glass of wine right here with me.  The crew heads to Thailand for some romantic times, so let's sit back, relax, and watch what happens tonight in the Fantasy Suites...

Sean informs us that he is "freakin crazy" about all 3 of the girls, and I'm like... didn't you just almost send Catherine home last week...?  He reminds us that he really likes her because she is silly yet serious, and of course there is some "off the charts" romance.  However, he feels that he has the strongest relationship with AshLee, but I really think there is something a little off.  Like, I think she is REALLY in love with him.  Like stalker-style.  I can see her as a full-on psycho-obsessive-don't-ever-leave-me girl and it is not going to be pretty (I mean, she was abandoned as a child).  I think Sean is getting pulled into her crazy, but I worry for him if he chooses her... rough times ahead.  And of course, there is Lindsay, with whom he has a spark- no- a FLAME.   She has proven to be more than just a crazy bitch in a wedding dress, and I can actually see them together.  Well, Sean can see them all as his wife, which I feel like is not a good sign... aren't you supposed to find that one woman who you are truly connected to before you get engaged?  Oh, is that not how The Bachelor works?  Alright, I'll play along...

For Sean's first date, he is taking out Lindsay for a day of adventure.  We immediately see their chemistry as they make out in front of their buggy driver, and they are actually pretty cute.  They head to a Thai market, and Sean decides to see how much Lindsay really loves him: will she eat BUGS for him??? The true test of love.  She reluctantly downs some bugs because she is inspired by Sean's bravery, and Sean is just so impressed by her adventurous side.  Later on, Lindsay admits that she would love to settle down with Sean, and he admits that she is his best friend.  Sean, how can you even think about the other girls right now!?  Lindsay realizes that she needs to confess her love for Sean, but she is afraid of getting hurt.  But Lindsay, don't you know that if you DON'T say you love him, he'll send you home and you'll get hurt?  Such a catch-22!  Dilemma-central.  They head to a romantic dinner and Lindsay says everything about her hopes for the future except for what he really needs to hear.  Come on, Lindsay!  She keeps getting tongue tied, but this needs to happen, now.  Finally she is ready and... she gets interrupted by Thai dancers!!!  Come ON.  They finally leave and Sean pulls out the Fantasy Suite card... ow ow!  Lindsay accepts the invitation to "spend more time with Sean" *wink wink* and Sean is exciteddddd!  Finally, once they are in the suite, Lindsay grows some balls and says I love you.  If only Sean were contractually allowed to say it back, it would be so perfect!  At least he loves... hearing her say that.  How sweet!  Once that bomb has been dropped, the cameras leave and WHO KNOWS what happens next!

A look into the future...?  (ABC)
Sean's next date is with AshLee and it just hit me- do they at least give Sean a day between these dates to wash the scent of the overnight date off of him??  Or does he just go right from one to the next?  Hmm.  AshLee confesses to us that Sean is probably her one true love and I'm like, weren't you married before?  Ouch.  Sean plans to test AshLee's ability to let go of control by taking her into a terrifying cave and making her trust him.  AshLee reminds us that she has a fear of abandonment from when she was young (oh, did that happen?), and now she is terrified of rejection from Sean.  Oh Sean, you are in deep with this one...  AshLee is scared of the cave and I admit, I would be too.  A dark cave where you can also drown?  No thanks.  They both think they might not make it out alive but don't worry- you have a whole camera crew to lead you out!  AshLee likens this experience to falling in love- going through a dark alleyway to find the light at then end of the tunnel- what a perfect metaphor!  I almost vomited just now.  Well, they survive the cave and make it to a beautiful beach and AshLee has let go of all her barriers!  Gag me.  I am over her and her insecurities/neuroses.  Well, it becomes the time to decide on the overnight date, and AshLee is NOT feeling morally right about staying with a man who is dating 2 other women.  Fair.  BUT, not the best choice...  AshLee tells Sean that she is glad she has waited for the right guys, but wait, again- hasn't she been married already???  They discuss how an engagement is serious and means they will be together forever.  I guess AshLee just recently came across that idea, since it wasn't forever the last time!  Boom!  She just keeps putting these slams right in my lap!!  The invitation for the Fantasy Suite comes, and AshLee is nervous about being intimate with him.  Sean assures her that his only intention is to stay up all night and talk, but AshLee does not want it to come across that she is a whore, if you will.  She agrees to join him to "talk" and she trusts that he won't try anything funny!  Boring.  Neurotic.  Over it.  Enough about Tierra- I think AshLee is the one who is NUTS this season!

Lastly, Sean meets up with Catherine for their date.  She is as cute and spunky as ever and they are ready for a boating adventure!  She is also ready to open up and share her vulnerability with Sean and the world.  Sean thinks that Catherine is his best friend, but wait, I thought Lindsay was?!?  He is still skeptical about her ability to fit into his life, and admits that it is easy to get "swept away" on these majestic dates.  What a new concept!  It appears that their one true connection is that they can be weird together, and I just don't think that's enough to base a future on.  Sorry, I love her, but I don't see it.  They remind me of Emily and Arie- love to make out and super cute together, but just don't have lives that match up.  Is it just me???  Later at dinner, Catherine insists that she is very traditional and that she seems them married with kids in 5 years.  She's been thinking a lot about the Fantasy Suite, and I wonder what she will do...  Why are all these girls acting like they are major prudes???  Except Lindsay, which is why she should win.  Sean again insists that this is all about some alone talking time, and that he has honorable intentions.  Yawn.  They decide to spend the night together for more private "talking" and I am over the charade.  When is The Bachelor going to become more like Bachelor Pad and just admit that relationships involve more than just talking?? 

Cute couple, but not "the one" (ABC)
Well, it's time for Sean to send one of these lovely ladies home, and Sean knows exactly who he needs to get rid of.  He doesn't want to blindside her like Emily did to him, because he knows that he has a strong bond with this woman, but he needs to do it.  The way he talks about this woman, it sounds like it could actually be AshLee- full of love, sweetest girl, heart broken- this could be it!  Cross your fingers.  Even though Sean has made up his mind, he gets to watch a personal video message from each one- maybe it will change things!  Really?  A video will be more influential than the time you spent with them?  Okay.  AshLee starts to hysterically cry during her video and Sean cannot even deal with it because how can he get rid of someone so obsessed with him???  You can tell by his face that her sobbing has made this decision a bit harder, and I am a bit impressed with her psychotic-ness.  The girls arrive for the rose ceremony as Chris Harrison escorts them in, like a gentleman, and AshLee has got it ALL hanging out there tonight.  She's gotta do whatever she can to convince Sean to keep her around!  Sean is ready to let her go, and he knows that she is going to LOSE IT when she doesn't get the rose.  Like, I'm a bit scared for her reaction. 

Sean warns the ladies that he is about to blindside one of them just like Emily did to him.  Broken hearts abound tonight!  Lindsay gets the first rose, of course, and we know she is going to win!  Just propose already!  The final rose is shaking in Sean's hands as he calls out... Catherine!  And AshLee DIES INSIDE.  She gives him a look of absolute death, and storms out.  This is what you get for messing with a fragile girl's heart!  Sean gets the chance to try to explain himself but all AshLee can do is plan their murder-suicide.  Too real to joke about?  I mean... honestly.  She was planning forever with him, and Sean broke her heart- this was NOT about fun to her.  This was serious.  He is in deep shit with her!  I'm actually scared.  Hope she can move on...?  Well, good riddance!

Next week, the women tell all and I cannot wait!  And in 2 weeks, Sean will propose to one of the final women!  I admit, I was wrong about the top 2- Catherine sneaked in there- but I still predict Lindsay will be the ultimate winner.  Stay tuned to find out all the juicy drama from the next 2 weeks! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

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