Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 8 Recap: We Know What Your "Intentions" Are...

Well friends, we are down to the final 3!  You've already read my predictions, so let's see if they hold true tonight.  With only 3 girls left, we will get to see a whole lot of one-on-one time with each of them, which is sure to be thrilling.  Don't worry, I have my glass of wine right here with me.  The crew heads to Thailand for some romantic times, so let's sit back, relax, and watch what happens tonight in the Fantasy Suites...

Sean informs us that he is "freakin crazy" about all 3 of the girls, and I'm like... didn't you just almost send Catherine home last week...?  He reminds us that he really likes her because she is silly yet serious, and of course there is some "off the charts" romance.  However, he feels that he has the strongest relationship with AshLee, but I really think there is something a little off.  Like, I think she is REALLY in love with him.  Like stalker-style.  I can see her as a full-on psycho-obsessive-don't-ever-leave-me girl and it is not going to be pretty (I mean, she was abandoned as a child).  I think Sean is getting pulled into her crazy, but I worry for him if he chooses her... rough times ahead.  And of course, there is Lindsay, with whom he has a spark- no- a FLAME.   She has proven to be more than just a crazy bitch in a wedding dress, and I can actually see them together.  Well, Sean can see them all as his wife, which I feel like is not a good sign... aren't you supposed to find that one woman who you are truly connected to before you get engaged?  Oh, is that not how The Bachelor works?  Alright, I'll play along...

For Sean's first date, he is taking out Lindsay for a day of adventure.  We immediately see their chemistry as they make out in front of their buggy driver, and they are actually pretty cute.  They head to a Thai market, and Sean decides to see how much Lindsay really loves him: will she eat BUGS for him??? The true test of love.  She reluctantly downs some bugs because she is inspired by Sean's bravery, and Sean is just so impressed by her adventurous side.  Later on, Lindsay admits that she would love to settle down with Sean, and he admits that she is his best friend.  Sean, how can you even think about the other girls right now!?  Lindsay realizes that she needs to confess her love for Sean, but she is afraid of getting hurt.  But Lindsay, don't you know that if you DON'T say you love him, he'll send you home and you'll get hurt?  Such a catch-22!  Dilemma-central.  They head to a romantic dinner and Lindsay says everything about her hopes for the future except for what he really needs to hear.  Come on, Lindsay!  She keeps getting tongue tied, but this needs to happen, now.  Finally she is ready and... she gets interrupted by Thai dancers!!!  Come ON.  They finally leave and Sean pulls out the Fantasy Suite card... ow ow!  Lindsay accepts the invitation to "spend more time with Sean" *wink wink* and Sean is exciteddddd!  Finally, once they are in the suite, Lindsay grows some balls and says I love you.  If only Sean were contractually allowed to say it back, it would be so perfect!  At least he loves... hearing her say that.  How sweet!  Once that bomb has been dropped, the cameras leave and WHO KNOWS what happens next!

A look into the future...?  (ABC)
Sean's next date is with AshLee and it just hit me- do they at least give Sean a day between these dates to wash the scent of the overnight date off of him??  Or does he just go right from one to the next?  Hmm.  AshLee confesses to us that Sean is probably her one true love and I'm like, weren't you married before?  Ouch.  Sean plans to test AshLee's ability to let go of control by taking her into a terrifying cave and making her trust him.  AshLee reminds us that she has a fear of abandonment from when she was young (oh, did that happen?), and now she is terrified of rejection from Sean.  Oh Sean, you are in deep with this one...  AshLee is scared of the cave and I admit, I would be too.  A dark cave where you can also drown?  No thanks.  They both think they might not make it out alive but don't worry- you have a whole camera crew to lead you out!  AshLee likens this experience to falling in love- going through a dark alleyway to find the light at then end of the tunnel- what a perfect metaphor!  I almost vomited just now.  Well, they survive the cave and make it to a beautiful beach and AshLee has let go of all her barriers!  Gag me.  I am over her and her insecurities/neuroses.  Well, it becomes the time to decide on the overnight date, and AshLee is NOT feeling morally right about staying with a man who is dating 2 other women.  Fair.  BUT, not the best choice...  AshLee tells Sean that she is glad she has waited for the right guys, but wait, again- hasn't she been married already???  They discuss how an engagement is serious and means they will be together forever.  I guess AshLee just recently came across that idea, since it wasn't forever the last time!  Boom!  She just keeps putting these slams right in my lap!!  The invitation for the Fantasy Suite comes, and AshLee is nervous about being intimate with him.  Sean assures her that his only intention is to stay up all night and talk, but AshLee does not want it to come across that she is a whore, if you will.  She agrees to join him to "talk" and she trusts that he won't try anything funny!  Boring.  Neurotic.  Over it.  Enough about Tierra- I think AshLee is the one who is NUTS this season!

Lastly, Sean meets up with Catherine for their date.  She is as cute and spunky as ever and they are ready for a boating adventure!  She is also ready to open up and share her vulnerability with Sean and the world.  Sean thinks that Catherine is his best friend, but wait, I thought Lindsay was?!?  He is still skeptical about her ability to fit into his life, and admits that it is easy to get "swept away" on these majestic dates.  What a new concept!  It appears that their one true connection is that they can be weird together, and I just don't think that's enough to base a future on.  Sorry, I love her, but I don't see it.  They remind me of Emily and Arie- love to make out and super cute together, but just don't have lives that match up.  Is it just me???  Later at dinner, Catherine insists that she is very traditional and that she seems them married with kids in 5 years.  She's been thinking a lot about the Fantasy Suite, and I wonder what she will do...  Why are all these girls acting like they are major prudes???  Except Lindsay, which is why she should win.  Sean again insists that this is all about some alone talking time, and that he has honorable intentions.  Yawn.  They decide to spend the night together for more private "talking" and I am over the charade.  When is The Bachelor going to become more like Bachelor Pad and just admit that relationships involve more than just talking?? 

Cute couple, but not "the one" (ABC)
Well, it's time for Sean to send one of these lovely ladies home, and Sean knows exactly who he needs to get rid of.  He doesn't want to blindside her like Emily did to him, because he knows that he has a strong bond with this woman, but he needs to do it.  The way he talks about this woman, it sounds like it could actually be AshLee- full of love, sweetest girl, heart broken- this could be it!  Cross your fingers.  Even though Sean has made up his mind, he gets to watch a personal video message from each one- maybe it will change things!  Really?  A video will be more influential than the time you spent with them?  Okay.  AshLee starts to hysterically cry during her video and Sean cannot even deal with it because how can he get rid of someone so obsessed with him???  You can tell by his face that her sobbing has made this decision a bit harder, and I am a bit impressed with her psychotic-ness.  The girls arrive for the rose ceremony as Chris Harrison escorts them in, like a gentleman, and AshLee has got it ALL hanging out there tonight.  She's gotta do whatever she can to convince Sean to keep her around!  Sean is ready to let her go, and he knows that she is going to LOSE IT when she doesn't get the rose.  Like, I'm a bit scared for her reaction. 

Sean warns the ladies that he is about to blindside one of them just like Emily did to him.  Broken hearts abound tonight!  Lindsay gets the first rose, of course, and we know she is going to win!  Just propose already!  The final rose is shaking in Sean's hands as he calls out... Catherine!  And AshLee DIES INSIDE.  She gives him a look of absolute death, and storms out.  This is what you get for messing with a fragile girl's heart!  Sean gets the chance to try to explain himself but all AshLee can do is plan their murder-suicide.  Too real to joke about?  I mean... honestly.  She was planning forever with him, and Sean broke her heart- this was NOT about fun to her.  This was serious.  He is in deep shit with her!  I'm actually scared.  Hope she can move on...?  Well, good riddance!

Next week, the women tell all and I cannot wait!  And in 2 weeks, Sean will propose to one of the final women!  I admit, I was wrong about the top 2- Catherine sneaked in there- but I still predict Lindsay will be the ultimate winner.  Stay tuned to find out all the juicy drama from the next 2 weeks! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sean Tells All: What You Need to Know

Tonight ABC is airing a one-hour special where Sean will tell all!  This is the first time they've done this to my knowledge, but I guess they are desperate for viewership this season...  Since I'm sure that most of you out there will not have the patience to sit through this ridiculousness, I've compiled all the crucial confessions and information you may have missed and need to know:

He's getting pensive tonight! (ABC)
The final 3 women:  Sean admits that he already knows everything he needs to know about the women, but he looks forward to private time without the cameras... Ohh yeah.  Basically, he knows who he is going to pick but is sticking to the episode progression that ABC has required of him.  I guess it doesn't hurt to get some overnight dates with the girls either... even though there are rumors out there about him being a virgin...?  Sure. 

Desiree's elimination: This was heart-wrenching for Sean.  He finally realized that he COULD see his life with Catherine, but maybe not with Des.  So there you go.  It's clear that it was really all about her brother and I feel sad for her.  Sean was so offended by the accusation of being a "playboy" that he could never get over it.  We find out that at first, the brother was actually really nice and chill towards Sean, but then he clearly took some drugs or something and came back and completely turned.  Weird.  He ruined everything and it seems like Sean is still upset about the whole thing.  He admits that she just wasn't the right person, and it just stinks that it wasn't even really about HER.  Okay, I'm done ranting. 

Sarah's "shocking" goodbye: Did you guys remember that Sarah has one arm?  But that it "wasn't a factor" for Sean?  And that she didn't want everything to be about her one arm?  I had almost forgotten!  These flashbacks to her painful spills at the roller derby date are literally killing me.  Sean admits that Sarah was such an awful kisser (okay fine, it just lacked passion), that he knew he had to send her home right away.  I get it Sean, bad kissers are the worst!  Get them out!  We get to re-watch Sarah crying because "it's always the same," and I'm like, maybe you should practice those tongue skills... (Watch the first episode of the season for some tips from Arie!)

Selma v. Lesley M.: The non-kisser vs. the hard-core kisser.  Sean was very disappointed that Selma would not kiss him on the lips.  All that sexual chemistry and he wasn't allowed to act on it?!?  Lame.  They did some Eskimo and eyelash kisses, how cute, but once Selma finally gave him the real kiss, she got sent home.  He appreciated the gesture aka the worthless peck of a kiss, but he knew it could never work.  Lesley M. on the other hand- Chris Harrison suggests she was a kissing-whore!  What the hell, Chris?!?  Lesley was the best, and Sean clearly felt some amazing chemistry.  We see never-before-seen footage of them sharing a brownie with some dirty-talk, and it was so freaking cute!!! What happened?!?  Well, Lesley never told him that she loved him and she acted too awkward (I mean... you have only been "dating" a few weeks... come on.), so she went home.  If only she would have just said it, she may have been the winner!! Alas, I still love Lesley and I think she is amazing.  Team Lesley forever!

Finally... some Tierra talk:  Ohhh Sean.  He admits that he was such a fool, and he was duped.  He says that Tierra should have never come on the show because she can't get along with her peers.  Oh Sean, don't you know it was all for publicity??  He admits that he wishes he had kept Jackie over Tierra on the 2-on-1 date.  Sucks to be Jackie right now!  We go back to the cocktail party in Montana, where we find out that the Tierra-bad-girls-club-fight was going on for hours.  It was all night and all over the house, and it was ridiculous drama.  The flirting at the airport, the rudeness towards the girls, it was all out there.  God, to spend one night in the Bachelor house! I would just thrive on all this drama!! Amazing.  Sean admits that the Tierrarist almost ruined all of his relationships, and he bids her good riddance!  Good luck with your engagement, Tierra!

Catherine's love notes: Apparently Catherine has a super weird sense of humor and Sean digs it.  She liked to give him creeper love notes and even "took it to the next level with him" by giving him a note with her lips kissed onto it... Sean loved it.  She is also "very flexible" and Sean was digging that too. Maybe they have a better connection than I previously thought...

Expectations for the fantasy suite: Why is Chris asking this???  Weird.  Well, Sean just thinks it will be a great time to have some privacy with the ladies.  Chris Harrison explains that "we don't know what past Bachelors have done in there"... sure we don't... and asks Sean some really awkward questions about getting physical that night. Sean, being a gentleman, dismisses these, as would I.  We get it, you want him to admit his virginity, but come on.  Too far, Chris Harrison, even for you.

Next week, the final 3 girls will get their "intimate" dates and we are all waiting to see what will transpire!  Previews show that Sean will indeed pick out a ring to propose to someone in the finale, but will she turn him down?!?  Or is this just a clever cut that the producers have made to make us skeptical...  Stay tuned to find out everything you are dying to know about the final episodes! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 7 Recap: Generals and Jokes

I used to think I was really good at predicting the Bachelor's actions, but Sean and the producers keep ruining it!  This show has actually been producing some unexpected results, and I don't know what to think. Tonight we get to see the home town dates with the Final Four ladies, and things are about to get real!

First up, Sean is visiting AshLee in Houston.  Sean already knows that she loves him, and the pressure is on.  You don't want to break a girl's heart when she's confessed her love already!  First we find out that they both have fathers who are reverends and I am wondering how AshLee's dad felt about her teenage marriage then...  They have a heartfelt conversation and I just feel like AshLee is boring. And they are boring together.  So maybe she is perfect for him... But I just don't see a spark.  AshLee admits that she has been dreaming of this day since she was 4 years old- does she mean bringing the Bachelor home to her parents???  Wow that is dedication to the show, AshLee.  Sean meets the parents and he is feeling right at home.  AshLee starts crying as she recounts the emotion of the polar bear plunge, and starts to laugh as she tells her parents about rolling around in the sand with Sean at St Croix.  Things are getting uncomfortable.  Sean ensures AshLee's mom that he will not break her heart, and I'm like.. maybe you shouldn't make that promise when you have 3 other girls.  This chick has abandonment issues, you know.  AshLee's dad ensures him that it will even break HIS heart if he doesn't choose her.  Pressure is on.  But apparently her dad signed off on her teen marriage and trusted her in that decision.  Sean, I don't know if this is the most stable family for you to marry into... I know I wouldn't want it.  At the end of the day, AshLee confesses that she doesn't want to wait another minute to marry Sean.  How did that work out for you last time, AshLee?  Can you tell that I don't want her to win???

Next, Sean goes to visit Catherine in Seattle.  They hang out in a marketplace with people staring and taking pictures and it is just so romantic.  They head to a fish stand and play toss with the fish and I admit, it looks like they are having fun together.  I do like Catherine, but I don't know- I just see them more with a friend vibe than as romantic.  In other news, I think I want to visit Seattle- this place looks like a good time!  Sean and Catherine head out to see her family and she's already warning him about their intimidating nature.  Sean dons an apron and jumps right into her family life, and it is so wonderful.  But then, Catherine talks alone with her sisters.  They are all very realistic, which is definitely my style, but atypical for Bachelor contestants.  Most girls are like AshLee- thinking that this is a fairy tale and they are the princess- but I think Catherine is sensible and I like that.  Unfortunately, the sisters make Sean feel like she can't settle down and that she has extreme mood swings, and this doesn't look good for her...  Catherine's mom has a "we'll see what happens" attitude about the future (which is probably smart considering the typical path of the show), but now Sean is really concerned about moving forward...  Yikes!  Maybe my prediction was right, after all!

Sean's next stop is to see Lindsay's family and that means her 2-star general father.  Uh oh!  Lindsay still seems a bit crazy, but maybe that is why they have the best chemistry, in my opinion.  They spend the day hanging out around her small town, visiting antique shops, etc.  Fun...  Sean thinks Lindsay is ready to settle down and have kids and he thinks this is it!  But he is super nervous about meeting her dad.  Lindsay has never brought home a guy she was serious about (aka has been seeing non-exclusively for 6 weeks), so she puts him through some army training to get him ready.  Okay, it's pretty cute.  Lots of butt smacking, woo!  They head to the base that her father is in charge of (and where they live), and Sean is hoping to prove himself as a man.  Lindsay's mom grills Sean and she definitely approves!  I love her mom, she is crazy and adorable.  See now THIS seems like a family that he should want to be a part of!  The General lets Sean know that he does not want to see Lindsay hurt, and I feel like Sean better listen!  Sean asks for the dad's blessing and I love the candid response- how can he even answer that right now?? It's the hardest thing he's been asked, and I can imagine.  Sean says it's the hardest question he's ever asked, but wait- didn't he already ask that question two times in this episode?  Well, anyway, Sean had a great time and I still maintain that Lindsay will win.  Which I guess would be fine with me...

Still my predicted winner! (ABC)
Finally, Sean visits Desiree in LA, and we all get ready for the drama!  Des takes Sean on a hike- genius move doing what you know he loves...  the outdoors!!  It's perfect, says Sean!  Later, she takes him to her house to make dinner for the family until... OH NO!  Who is this at the door???  This guy (her ex?) is here to confess his love for her and acts like he has no idea where she has been.  She's going to be with this actor?!?  The ex acts as if he was not expecting the cameras (as he continually looks into them) and things get awkward.  Des then confesses that... this was all a JOKE!  WHAT??!?! This guy was an actor and was helping her get back at Sean for the prank from their first date. WHAT THE HELL!?!  This has now ruined every prediction I had ever made about the show.  I kept writing her off for this JOKE!  I am furious.  But also relieved since I love her.  These mixed emotions!  The family shows up and they all have some great talks, until the brother.  He's very skeptical and questions everything about their relationship.  I feel like he's a lonely desperate man who can't accept happiness for himself or anyone else.  He asks to "holla at" Sean and who knows how this will go...  The brother questions Sean's feelings towards Des after seeing them together for about an hour, and I can't wait until he sees the show because it's kind of obvious to America...  Sean handles it very well, but it is clear that he is caught off guard.  If he knew anything about Sean, he would know that Sean is no "playboy" but in fact is just honestly looking for love (okay and maybe a little bit of fame).  I think Des needs to disown the brother and choose Sean over him.  This is awkward.  And tense.  And we all hope that the brother will have no impact on Sean's decision but we know he will.  This. Is. Bad.

NOT a funny joke, Des! (ABC)
Well it's time for the rose ceremony and Sean has decided that he will keep both AshLee and Lindsay.  I think he's just most scared of their fathers if he breaks their heart.  He is still torn on Catherine and Des, mainly because of their families.  Stupid siblings!  Maybe he should just let them both go if he is so sure that neither is right... wouldn't that make sense?  But it's not how the show is supposed to go, so oh well.  Sean comes to hand out the roses and says that he still doesn't know what he is going to do.  Better figure it out quick!  You're on the clock now!  Before he can even hand out the first rose, Des pulls him aside for a quick talk.  She apologizes and he insists that it is all okay and that he gets it.  We'll see...  Roses go out to AshLee and Lindsay, as expected, and finally... Sean puts down the final rose and walks away! What?!?  Make up your mind, Sean!  Clearly this is going to be the 3rd place finisher anyway, so it doesn't even really matter.  Finally he is back and chooses to keep Catherine.  Poor Des!  That damn brother!  She really should never forgive him.  Des tells Sean that he is making a giant mistake, and I actually agree.  AshLee is boring, Lindsay is crazy, and Catherine isn't ready to settle down.  Good luck with them, Sean!  They have a super emotional goodbye as Des makes Sean feel horrible and I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight.  Or more likely he'll probably get over it tomorrow when he's on a romantic island with one of the remaining ladies.  Des cries that she doesn't know what she is going to do with her life now... Des!  You are so awesome and I know you will find someone for you who is 10 times better!

Well, even though the Des drama wasn't exactly what I expected, I will hold on to my prediction that the top two will be AshLee and Lindsay.  Plus, I still think Lindsay will win (and I really hope she beats lame-o AshLee).  Tomorrow night is a special "Sean Tells All" event and I cannot wait!  He's going to bear all about his decisions and we'll get to see more never-before-seen footage of the Tierrarist at her worst!  Don't worry, I'll be here with my commentary on ALL of his confessions! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Update: Men Really DO Love Tierra!

This morning a friend of mine sent me a link to a fascinating article about everyone's favorite Tierrarist.  Turns out... she's ENGAGED!  Just not to Sean.  It seems that when Tierra claimed to the other girls a few episodes back that she could get engaged if she wanted to, she wasn't joking.  Who knew she had this poor sap back at home pining away for her while she was off on TV gaining fame for herself?
The happiest we've ever seen her!
Well, her brother is coming out saying that she is back with her ex-boyfriend (why didn't she ever mention HIM on the show?), and that they are getting married.  Not only that, but they got back together pretty much the day after Sean sent her home.  Now I'm just confused: was Sean the rebound from the ex/fiance or is the ex/fiance the rebound from Sean?!?

They are currently together in Denver and cannot wait to be married.  My new goal: drive down to Denver and hang out downtown every night hoping that I will eventually run into them.  I am just dying for an invite to her wedding!  Maybe while walking down the aisle she will fall down the stairs and get a concussion.  Or once they say I Do, they will jump into a frigid lake and get Hypothermia.  The possibilities are endless, and I don't want to miss it!

Regardless, I am glad to see that men really do love the Tierrarist, and I hope their relationship lasts forever!  Or at least until she finds her next victim.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Predictions for a Tierra-less Final Four

Well Sean, you proved me wrong!  I admit, I didn't think he had the inner-strength to overcome Tierra's sexual/manipulative powers, but he did it!  Though I am pretty sure if it hadn't been for his level-headed older sister (aren't we all?), he wouldn't have had the sense or the balls to send her home.  He better be thanking Shay until he dies. 

So now that Tierra and my favorite, Lesley, are gone, we are down to the Final Four- Home Town Dates!  And the finalists are:

Cute, fun Catherine (ABC)
Catherine: Cute, fun, and super low-maintenance. She is a 26 year-old from Seattle and she loves being adventurous and spontaneous.  She also has a sad back story about a dad with depression, and it looks like her sisters may also give Sean some problems.  I have a feeling she will go home next week. I just don't see them ending up together!

Desiree:  Oh Desiree.  I love her.  She is adorable and I love that she is a bridal stylist.  She is a ton of fun and she definitely clicks with Sean. BUT as I've been carrying on about all season, the producers already revealed that this will not last.  At home towns, her jerk brother will put a damper on things, and the biggest problem is that she will have some kind of ex-boyfriend drama.  I have a feeling that this will happen once she is in the top 3 (after spending time at home and reconnecting with the ex), and she will pull a Frank from Ali's season.  Bummer, but I hope she finds happiness with the ex, at least!

Lindsay:  Ah, the wedding dress girl.  I have to admit, I thought she was NUTS the first night and I couldn't believe he kept her (aka the producers made him keep her) that night.  But all is forgotten, and he is now crazy about her.  She hides behind her humor, but she insists she is actually very deep. She is only 24, so I worry about her ability to settle down, especially since she describes herself as a "party starter."  I can't wait to see Sean meet her 2-star General father next week!  I have a feeling she will be in the finale for sure.
Not so crazy, anymore... (ABC)
AshLee:  I have never been a fan.  She is boring and has a TON of baggage.  And she admits that she takes up to 3 hours to get ready for a date- that is not for Sean.  She is a professional organizer which is awesome, but I cannot imagine rugged, spontaneous Sean living in that lifestyle.  She also has a LOT of abandonment issues, which I do not think Sean is equipped to handle... He can act as caring as he wants, but he is far too shallow to handle her.  I think she will be in the top 2 for sure (I mean, she's already said I love you...), and she may even win.  I just don't think it would be a successful relationship...

So there you have my feelings about each girl.  To recap my predictions for the rest of the season:

Home Towns: Catherine goes home
Top 3: Desiree goes home after the ex scandal
Finale: Now that Tierra is gone, I predict the new winner will be... Lindsay

Stay tuned to see how it all turns out...

Monday, February 11, 2013


Well my tv/cable went to hell tonight and I missed the first 5 minutes of the show.  Noooo!  I missed Sean working out shirtless again!  Alas. So rejoining the show, it appears that Sean is going on his first one-on-one date with AshLee.  And apparently there are no roses on the one-on-one dates this week.  Since he is going to be choosing the final 4 and all. 

For their date, Sean and AshLee are sailing on a boat in St Croix together and all she can think about his her childhood abandonment.  And Sean fulfilling that loss in her life.  Yawn.  Meanwhile back at home (the beachfront lounge chairs), the girls speculate as to whether or not AshLee will bring up the Tierrarist to Sean.  They cannot believe that she is opting to sleep on a COT in the hallway just to avoid sharing a bed with these other girls.  Lesley wants to roll that cot into the ocean!  (Oh Lesley, this is why I love you.)  On the beach, AshLee DOES bring up the Tierra situation and all I can think is... see ya AshLee- he's about to shoot the messenger!  He says he is grateful for the honest info but we all know how he REALLY feels- he will never accept that Tierra is not perfect for him. The end. After the confrontation Sean and AshLee have a romantic make out sesh on the beach and I cannot handle how much sand is clearly going up their swimsuit bottoms right now... not my idea of fun.  Later they have a very romantic ocean-side dinner all planned by Sean of course, and AshLee is ready to share some deep secrets.  She has one thing left to tell him but she just cannot spit it out!  My husband and I are guessing the big news, and, winner!  He guesses correctly- she got married in high school!  When she was 17!  Wow.  She was married her junior year in high school and it was over by senior year.  Quite the teenage rebellion.  Sean does NOT seem okay with this but he is playing it pretty cool.  AshLee feels like she ruined the date and I think she is right... but Sean insists that he still likes her.  She proves her feelings for him by yelling to the whole island, "I love Seannnn!" and we all gag a little.  This seems a little early to be declaring our love for Sean, but we'll see how well her confession works out for her...

Finally Sean gets some clarity tonight!
The next date card comes, and it goes to Tierra for the second one-on-one.  She is going to be spending the day walking around the town of St Croix, and she is excited to be with Sean but like... "being attacked by bugs and the sweatiness and my make up dripping off... that's not fun or cool."  Priorities, people. In Lesley's words, "I hate that bitch."  Sean has a lot of questions for her, and I wonder if he is going to believe every word she spews about her innocence.. hmm...  As predicted, she is hot and sweaty, but she is really happy to be shopping with Sean!  He bought her the greatest gifts, which made him a real winner in her eyes!  Suddenly they come across a parade in the street, and Tierra is having a blast!  She is such a fun girl!  The girls back at home don't know HOW he could keep her around after this week... Ohh girls... If you only knew the "connection" that they made with her fun, energetic, victimized side.  She of course explains how SHE is the one being abused by the other girls and she lets us know that she is ready to beat down whoever threw her under the bus with Sean!!  They head to a secluded dinner and Tierra hopes to turn the bad vibes around to get herself back into his good graces.  Like a true game-player, she expresses her doubts and distant feelings and Sean plays right into her hand and realizes he needs to get back to that closeness that they used to have.  She is GOOD!  All the sudden she gets over the doubts and tells Sean that she is falling in love with him.  Yeah, that's the move I would have made too.  Sean concludes that it's okay that she is not nice to the other women (really?)- all that matters is that she is sweet to him. I mean, kind of... but do you really want to marry someone who can't be nice to other people? Okay.  As they walk by the ocean at night and contemplate getting in, I can only ASSUME that she pulls a Courtney and they skinny-dip aka take their relationship to the "next level."  It WOULD be the strategic move here... (See 5 Reasons Why the Courtneys and Tierras Will ALWAYS Win)

To start Sean's group date, he decides to wake all the girls up without makeup on to see what they look like all fresh faced.  Not only that, but he wants to capture the moment with a photo.  They of course freak out, and I admit... I would too!  Sean- girls don't want you to see them in their natural state until a few months into a relationship.  Rude.  He gives them 5 minutes to get ready (at 5am), and while Lindsay and Des freak out, Catherine is good to go.  Yay low maintenance!  They are up in time to see the sunset and it is so romantic!  They have a long day ahead of them road-tripping around the whole island, but all they really want is some alone time. Sean is connecting with Des the most and I love her and wish she would be here til the end!!  But the other girls are not feeling it.  Finally they make it to their end destination and they await sunset.  Lindsay has an emotional conversation with him and Sean confirms that he is crazy about the girl in the wedding dress. I guess she's fine.  Catherine has alone time and confesses her family drama about her father battling depression and Sean is so glad that she told him that personal story.  Good effort Catherine, but I don't think that will be enough to keep you around, sorry.  Finally, Des gets some one-on-one and she gets all choked up talking about her family.  Aww, Des.  I do love her! And I know Sean does too.  And so does her ex-boyfriend I guess.  Geez when is he going to show up, anyway?!  There is a rose on the date, and this rose means home towns!!  It goes to Lindsay, and I admit I am a little surprised...  Thought it would be Des!!  I know she'll still get one.  Sean's plan to see the sunset is a bust, but who cares when you are with 3 anorex-uh-beautiful women?!

The final date of the week is with Lesley- yay!  The plan is to just hang out today, because Sean feels like he needs to get to the point he is at with the other women.  Sean!  Lesley is awesome, come on!  I am nervous.  They are having a great time and Lesley is ready to confess her love and I hope that it is not for nothing!  She chickens out and decides NOT to tell him today- this is going to backfire, Lesley!  Sean is not getting enough affection and eye contact and I am worried that Lesley is going about this too politically and not emotionally enough (she is in politics after all).  I have a bad feeling about this, Lesley...

Sean's sister Shay comes to visit and he is so excited to get some expert advice on the ladies! She gives some tough love, but I am guessing he won't be taking any of her advice.  Sean's problem is that he likes all the women (shock), because obviously the producers have chosen them that way.  Shay foreshadows the inevitable disastrous conclusion by explaining how she doesn't want the end to be like "Nooo I don't want you to end up with THAT one!"  Sorry, Shay, the family will be disappointed.  Sean recalls that Shay advised him not to end up with the girl that no one likes.  Well guess what, Shay??  Sean decides that he will go get Tierra and they can all talk it out...

Thrown under the bus...
Meanwhile, the girls at home fear that Tierra will flip a shit at AshLee for calling her out, and boy are they right.  Tierra can hear AshLee and Lesley talking crap, and things are about to get crazy.  Tierra asks AshLee if there is anything she needs to say, and things heat up!  AshLee is furious that Tierra thinks she is sabotaging her, and I'm like wait, but you are...  Tierra insists that the girls are jealous- "Men love me!"  She is NOT okay with girls claiming she is rude and judging her because of her facial expressions and her eyebrow.  "I CAN'T CONTROL MY EYEBROW!"  This shit is blowing up!  Suddenly, Sean walks in, and tensions are high.  Luckily, the yelling has ended and Tierra is in hysterics crying on her cot.  She has such a big heart and she doesn't know why this is happening *smile* and their last date has been heavy on her heart *smile* and she knows that AshLee sabotaged her connection *smile* and she is so scared for the rose ceremony *smile*.  Well played, Tierra.  Sean doesn't know what to do- listen to his older sister's advice, or follow in Ben's footsteps... What to do, what to do?  Sean tells Tierra about his sister and she falls to further pieces/smiles as she hugs Sean tight.  But then... in the surprise of the season... Sean completely destroys every prediction and analysis I have ever made about the show and decides... to send her home!  WHAT?!?  My world is shattered!  A Bachelor actually uses common sense and listens to reasonable advice?!?  EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER KNOWN IS A LIE! Well, can't say I am upset.  Good riddance.  Tierra sobs to us, "I hope the girls got what they wanted."  Yes, Tierra, actually they did.  On to the next bit of drama.

Later, the girls have no clue what happened with Tierra, and they have no clue what to expect.  Sean explains the situation and the girls try to look cool while they secretly rejoice inside.  He informs them that he knows his decision and that there will be NO cocktail party tonight.  He also reminds them that he doesn't like drama, and AshLee is freaking out.  I'm not so sure who will be leaving tonight but I am worried about Lesley for sure.  The first rose goes to Des and I am just waiting until she breaks his heart!  Sad.  Next, Catherine gets the rose and I admit I am a little surprised.  She doesn't seem right for him.  And the final rose of the night goes to... AshLee.  Of course.  I AM DEVASTATED.  Lesley was clearly the best girl he had left, and I am over it.  AshLee is confident that she will marry Sean, and I hope they have a wonderful boring life together.  All the sudden Catherine breaks down because "if he doesn't want Lesley, then I don't know what I am doing here."  What?!  She admits that Lesley was the best choice for Sean and I am like, excuse me? Then trade places with her, please.  Don't worry Lesley, you will find someone better back in DC!

The previews for home towns make it pretty clear that Lindsay and AshLee will be in the finale, and that Catherine and Des are not going to make it to the end.  But perhaps I was wrong about the Des drama- is it her brother that causes problems and not her ex-boyfriend?? So many questions to be answered next week, and I cannot wait.  Until then, stay Tierrable!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why the Courtneys and Tierras Will ALWAYS Win

NOTE: This is NOT a spoiler as I do not *know* that Tierra will win- just a prediction

As viewers, we are so often shocked when the "mean girl" or the "crazy bitch" ends up winning the guy's heart on The Bachelor.  How can he not see it?!  How is he so naive?! Well, there are a few tricks that these beauties use that help them completely blind the Bachelor to their true selves and win the "game."  If more girls would figure out this technique and really "play" the game, maybe things would get more interesting. Unfortunately, because of this, the prospect of actually finding love is becoming dismally unlikely.  Let's look at some common threads of these villainess winners and winners-to-be, shall we?

1. She plays hard to get- but like, REALLY hard to get.  By constantly questioning their relationship and asking for reassurance, she leaves it to the guy to make it clear to her that she really is amazing and they do have a strong connection!  By putting that doubt in his mind, it makes him want her even more.  Men, hell, people always want what they can't have and this makes these bitches even more irresistible.  Note: The same thing happened to Ashley- remember Bentley? That asshole constantly insulted her and put her down, which just made her want him more.  Seems to be a smart move.

2. She visits him even when she is not supposed to.  This shows the guy that this girl is wild and dangerous and BONUS: it makes him incapable of thinking about anyone else.  Wow, this girl must be really amazing if she is willing to break all the rules to come see me.

3.  She has sex with him before the show "allows" it.  Okay, this has not happened with Tierra- yet- and not to our knowledge.  However, it was a definite Courtney go-to.  Who doesn't remember the late night secret skinny-dipping/sex session with Ben mid-way through the season?  Newsflash: Guys want to have sex before the 10th date.  By giving it up early on, before the final overnight date in the "fantasy suite," it shows the guy that he is going to get some ass. A lot of it.  And what guy WOULDN'T go for that???  Genius move.

4.  All the girls hate her.  This only makes him want to see the "good" in her even more.  This goes all the way back to Vienna (Jake's season).  The girls feel threatened by her, call her out on being a bitch, and THEY become the villains.  Plus, any time a girl "warns" the Bachelor about the "real side" of the girl, he shoots the messenger (in this case, he sends her home).  He doesn't want anyone questioning his decisions and is angry and insulted when people try to change his mind which has been made up from Night 1.  Most recently, this happened to both Kacie B. AND Jackie on this season.  Pure genius.

5.  She plays the victim.  Tierra has brought this to a new level this season.  This used to just mean acting like everyone hates her.  But Tierra- she is a real artist- she brings the emergency medical teams into it.  First, she falls down the stairs and makes Sean feel so sorry for her, and therefore spend extra time with her.  Later, she "almost dies" of hypothermia and again, Sean is the only one who can revive her.  Sean feels so emotional about these near-death experiences and his subsequent making her feel better, that he forms a connection with her beyond what he could possibly make with anyone else.  Now THIS is top of the line game playing!

So there you have it.  We all want to believe that the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) will be smarter and see through all the bullshit, but at the end of the day, wouldn't you choose the spontaneous, hard-to-get, victimized, sex-fiend over the boring girls who play by the rules?  So would I. 

But Sean, you might want to call Ben and see how that whole Courtney thing worked out for him...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5 Recap Part 2: "We Have a Tierrarist on Our Hands"

The 2-night event continues and we all hope that Sean will be able to pick himself back up from the dark place he was in last night...  but I have a feeling this episode will be even more drama-packed!  Sean takes the ladies to Canada for yet another outdoors-inspired trip. Has Sean mentioned that he loves the outdoors?  Tonight we have 2 one-on-one dates and 1 group date- I hope he picks me for the one-on-one!! I need that time with Sean!!

The first date of the night goes to Catherine.  She is cute and fun, and I think I actually like her.  I don't predict that she will win, but I enjoy seeing them together.  Sean picks her up for the date on a giant snow bus- in fact, he is driving- and she sits behind him... how romantic.  They head out to play on a glacier and Sean is hoping that these tundra conditions are ideal for making an intimate connection.  Hmmm.  They both insist that they are having a great time, though I'm just saying, I don't know how much I would enjoy being outside for hours in a blizzard, even if it was with my one true love.  Maybe I am weak.  Or cynical.  Alas.  Finally they head to dinner on a horse-drawn carriage and arrive at an ice castle.  Seriously Sean, it is freezing outside!  Am I the only one who is shivering just watching this??  Plus, how are you supposed to look hot and slutty when you are bundled up in a parka?  The date goes on and Catherine tells us a ridiculously depressing story about her friend being killed by a tree falling right in front of her at age 12.  Why do they all have these stories about the horrifying life-changing events that they have been through?!  It must be a requirement in the screening process.  Sean appreciates the story and admits that he is crazy about her, and she gets the rose.  Drama-free and adorable- I wish Sean would just go for someone normal like Catherine!  Nah, that would just be too easy. 

The group date invitation arrives at the house and Daniella finds out that she will not be going on the one-on-one date.  Honey, it's because you are the next to be eliminated... Sorry to break it to you, but he is only keeping you around because you're blond and hot.  Seven girls are heading on the date and I am just in suspense about this near-death trauma that Tierra is about to experience!  Sean takes the girls on an exhilarating and challenging date on a lake.  The first part of the date is to canoe across the lake, and it seems like one girl needs to go in Sean's canoe, so Lesley jumps on it. Nice work, Lesley!  Sean likes a girl that takes initiative!  Of course the other bitches are spiteful, but maybe next time they'll figure out how this game works.  All the girls make it across, and Sean has one more surprise- they are all going to take the Polar Bear Plunge!  This is my nightmare.  But as Sean says, "you only live once" (YOLO?).  These girls are already freezing and nobody wants to do this... but I guess if you are desperate for a rose... The doctors warn the girls about hypothermia, and I wonder who is going to end up with that?? Selma tells Sean that she comes from the desert and she will die if she does it, but Sean ensures her that he won't be mad.  She is such a girlie little brat but I kind of love it.  All the other girls are ready to jump in, even though AshLee really doesn't want to.  Isn't this what love is all about?  Doing something you really don't want to do that could kill you?  The girls shriek their brains out and jump in and back out again, and now they all feel so awesome!  Except AshLee.  Still cold and pissed.  Suddenly, Tierra can't breathe.  Sure.  The paramedics warm her up and rush her off, and poor Sean feels helpless and responsible.  What are the chances that this is real? I'd say 10%.  Tierra is doing her best to look pathetic and I start to feel bad for the paramedics who are actually taking this seriously and wasting their time and resources.  Tierra looks like a hot mess with mascara ALL over her face and all she can say is "I miss time with him!"  Now that is dedication.  This is an Oscar-worthy performance!  Miraculously, all the other girls are fine and in fact are energetic and excited.  Sean comes to check on Tierra and thankfully all her make up has been cleaned up.  Tierra tells him that after this, he better marry her.  And she's not joking.  Sean tells her to stay in bed and not worry about coming to the date that night because he is confident in their relationship.  Wonder if she'll listen to him...

Hot Mess  ...Or Cold Mess?
The rest of the girls head out to see Sean and are looking forward to no drama tonight!  Lesley M. is ready to let her guard down and I can't wait.  She is so funny and cute!  Sean says that he "appreciates" her, whatever that means, and I am worried that he doesn't like her as much as I do... Next, Sarah surprises Sean with pictures of her family and childhood in hopes that it will inspire him to keep her for a hometown date.  She is really thinking ahead!  Damn, game-player.  Meanwhile, Tierra is "frozen to death" but decides that she can strap on her heels and head to the party.  Shocking!  Tierra walks in on the girls talking shit and things get awkward real fast.  They all start to realize that maybe she is just really good at getting attention.  Ohhh is that what she is doing?  Sorry, ladies, she knows how this game works.  She's a Tierrarist!  (Thanks Lesley, that's why I love you).  We all think Tierra has this night wrapped up, but luckily my fave Lesley gets tonight's rose, yay! 

The date ends but all Sean can think about is the one girl who likes him so much but he just knows she isn't right for him.  And the girl is... Sarah!  WHAT?  He wants to let her go tonight instead of leading her on.  I am happy because I am not a big fan of her, but I am also legitimately shocked!  Is this because of the one arm?!?  She takes it surprisingly well, and I think she knew it was coming, but this is still pretty embarrassing.  Sean tries to be a gentleman but it is still pretty uncomfortable as she has to tell the other girls that she is going home. Yikes.  Oh Sarah, you'll find someone who actually loves you one of these days.  This would be heartbreaking if I liked her.

Desiree gets the last date of the week, and this is her SECOND one-on-one date with him.  Which is funny, because she is the one who is questioning their relationship the most.  Plus we all know about that ex-boyfriend back at home who she'll be tempted to go back to...  But I do love her!!  Sean informs Des that they will be rappelling down a mountain to a picnic and I'm like, haven't we seen almost this exact date twice already this season?  Come on, Sean.  Can't you just go see a movie or something?  Luckily, Sean gets her through it, blah, blah, and they are so much closer now, whatever.  Sean assures Des that he really likes her, and then they have a tree climbing contest.  They are so flippin' cute, I just want them to work out!  Sigh.  They go on to a date in a giant tepee and Des thinks that cuddling up in animal skin is just so cozy!  She opens up about living in a tent as a kid and we hear yet another depressing life story.  Des!  You are so sweet and real and you will surely make your ex/future-boyfriend really happy.  Nonetheless, she gets the rose and we all swoon for the time being.

It's the night of the rose ceremony, and the girls can't stop talking about Tierra. Sean insists that he can't keep a woman at this point unless he can see raising a family with her.  Really? You see Tierra as the mother of your children?  In other news, Selma is finally ready to shame her family and her heritage to kiss Sean on national television, and this peck on the lips is the lamest thing I've seen in a while.  If you're going to disgrace your whole family, you might as well make it good!  Later, AshLee gives Sean a blindfold for... the bedroom?  No, to show Sean that he is going to be in control of her every move?  No, well, I'm still not really sure.  Aren't we past the stunts and gimmicks? 

Two more women are going home tonight and I am actually shocked that he is narrowing it down so quickly all of the sudden.  Lindsay and AshLee get called and I am not surprised about either.  For the final rose of the night, could it be..?? Yes, of course, Tierra!  His future wife! Daniella goes home, no surprise here, as does Selma, who I actually liked, but without the prospect of televised make-out sessions, she didn't really stand a chance.  I just feel bad that she disappointed her family for nothing.  Sean has it down to the 6 that are all perfect for him, and they will finally be going somewhere warm and relaxing.  I can't wait until next week when Tierra plays the victim yet again and Sean loves her even more for it. Stay tuned for that and my thoughts on the Tierrarist's genius game playing.  Until then, stay bitchy!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 5 Recap Part 1: Bad Girls Club

If you thought last week was dramatic, just wait for tonight! Only 11 ladies remain, AND there will be a two-on-one date tonight- my favorite.  Probably the most exciting part of this week, however, is that they will be venturing out to Montana!  Wild West represent!  Can't wait to see these precious little bitches get outdoorsy...

Now, these girls are ROUGHING it.  They pull up to a five star lodge and they are clearly soaking up the adventure of the great outdoors.  Lindsay gets the first one-on-one date and I'm still wondering how Sean has so easily looked past that wedding dress incident on the first night... He admits that he almost sent her home that night, but something (the producers) convinced him to keep her around.  Thank goodness!  She could be his future wife!  Sean takes her on a helicopter ride (so original!) over Glacier National Park, and I admit this is pretty cool.  At their intimate frigidly cold picnic, Sean tells Lindsay that he likes her so much because she is not high-maintenance and she loves the outdoors.  Well then, Sean, please send home the rest of the 10 girls because I guarantee they do not fit that bill! All we see of the date is their conversations and I am beyond bored.  For some reason the fact that she uses the term "adolescent" rather than "teenager" makes me hate her, but I am thinking that Sean is smitten and she may be one of the finalists... They have made quite the connection tonight with their serious talk (make-out session) and she of course gets the rose.  For the final surprise of the night, the entire town of Whitefish, MT- all 650 of them- come out for a concert featuring Sean and Lindsay slow dancing (and Lindsay whorishly wrapping both legs around Sean) on a raised platform in front of the crowd.  Awkward.  Get. Out.

On to the group date!  Sean wants to rough it, yet again, and the girls are so excited for it!  They approach goats (or as one proclaims, is that a dog?), hay, and canoes. My dream come true!  They are about to enter into an outdoorswoman competition where the winning team gets more time with Sean and the other goes home in hysterics.  AND, someone from each team must drink goat's milk. Goat's milk?!?  That's just crazy- nobody has ever done THAT before!  Sarah feels confident that having one arm won't hold her back, and all the ladies' claws come out!  The girls start with a canoe ride, and Sean has doubts that any of them have ever been in a canoe before and that anyone will ever finish. Yikes.  Next up, the girls must move some hay bails.  Later, the girls cross-cut a log and I am convinced someone is going to lose an arm (too soon?), and finally they get to milk the goat.  These poor goats.  Luckily, Des is good with her hands and squeezes that milk outta there, then swallows it in one gulp.  All for Sean!  Red team wins and the blue team girls are really good sports about it!  No bitterness here!

THIS is how you choose your future wife.  (ABC)
The 4 winning girls head to a date night with Sean, but all Sean can think about are those poor girls he sent back to the lodge...  Chris Harrison to the rescue!  He brings an invite to the blue team and they collect themselves and get all glammed up to join the others.  The red team girls are really mature about this situation- I mean they drank goat's milk for this!!  I forget, is this show about winning lumberjack challenges or about making an emotional connection with Sean?  It seems like it is all about WINNING.  Hmm. Back at the house, Tierra decides that she cannot wait for her two-on-one date (she needs a one-on-one!) and she needs to talk to Sean tonight.  She stalks her way to the date and then sneaks up on him during an interview and we are all ready to punch her in the face.  If this isn't showing him her crazy side, I don't know what is.  Then again, these guys always love the crazies...  Sean is confused but SO happy to see her.  I wouldn't be surprised if she got the rose for tonight's date.  Sean is worried about her and assures her that tomorrow's date will be great.  Move #248 from Courtney's playbook.  Back on the original date, Sean spends time alone with all the girls and tells them all that he is crazy about them.  Sean, that is not the intent of the show...  You have to pick ONE.  Daniella sees Catherine on Sean's lap and bursts into tears.  Come on now girls, we've seen the show, we know how this works.  Newsflash: crying on a date is not the way to a man's heart.  She goes in for a kiss and everything is all better!  She gets the rose and I'm thinking, what a waste.  She is NOT going to win, just send her home sooner than later.  Alas. 

Ah, yes, time for the dreaded aka much needed two-on-one date.  Tierra vs. Jackie.  Only one will survive.  Jackie has no idea about the skank-move Tierra made last night, and Tierra is just ready to see her husband.  They all go horseback riding to "break up the tension", and Jackie trails behind in more ways than one.  Jackie decides that she needs to tell Sean the truth about Tierra flirting with a guy at the airport, and we all know how that will end up.  Sean is not big on the girls talking shit about the others (Kacie B., anyone?).  Lucky for her, Sean knows that Jackie is real and genuine and takes her information seriously.  Or does he...?  On to dinner and the gloves come off- both of these girls are in it to win it (the rose or Sean?).  The awkward silence becomes excruciating, and Sean needs just one more chat with Tierra to see if she comes with too much drama or not.  Tierra delivers a final heartbreaking story about her ex-boyfriend who died of drugs and alcohol and she really starts tugging on Sean's heartstrings.  How can he send her home after that?!  Sean has made up his mind and the rose goes to... Tierra!!! I am shocked.  Jackie gives him one final warning about Tierra and Sean chooses to ignore it and instead moves forward with the crazy bitch.  Is it possible to have just one season where this doesn't happen?  Come on. Tierra laughs maniacally at the camera at the thought of winning the rose and I really hope Sean is happy when he watches the season back.  Good work.

The girls head to the cocktail party and continue to bitch about Tierra's rose.  First Sean spends some time with Desiree and I love her so much.  I want her to go all the way but I know she will not.  It just depresses me to watch them because they would be so perfect!  However, Desiree brings up her confusion about his decisions (Tierra) and Sean says he now feels confused about her, but I know he'll keep her around.  Tierra tells us that she wants to punch all the girls in the face, and the tension is getting ridiculous.  Robyn is ready to turn this into Bad Girls Club!  Some of the girls confront Tierra and she lays it all out: the nasty looks and threats have got to go.  She is so over this.  If she wants to go get engaged she can easily do that.  There are plenty of guys in the world.  I wish I was making this up!  Sean walks in on Tierra getting all heated, and he is not happy.  He of course asks HER about it and believes all the BS she spews at him about getting attacked for no reason.  Sean decides to ask Lesley M. about the situation and I hope he doesn't punish her for being honest!  I love her!  Sean insists that he trusts his heart and knows what to do. The girls are confident that Sean will take away Tierra's rose.  HA. Keep dreaming.

Robyn vs. Tierra
Sean prepares for the rose ceremony and begins to have doubts that he will find his wife.  He is frustrated that maybe this staged show didn't properly cast the correct women for him!  Sean shows us his serious side tonight and nobody is smiling at this rose ceremony.  Three women have roses already and 6 more will be getting them.  Lesley M. gets a rose and I am thrilled- she's my new favorite!  It comes down to Desiree and Robyn and I'm like, come on producers, we already know Desiree sticks around a few more episodes!  Give us some suspense!  Robyn gets sent home- no surprise here- and I hope she has a bright future on the next season of Bad Girls Club.  Sean is questioning everything, and part of me just feels sad for him.  He is so innocent- I don't think he deserves what is coming...

Speaking of which, the rest of the season previews show us that Tierra will become Courtney 3.0 and I just cannot wait until she inevitably makes it to the finale!  Stay tuned for Part 2 of this week tomorrow night where Tierra almost DIES!  Until then...