Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 7 Recap: Generals and Jokes

I used to think I was really good at predicting the Bachelor's actions, but Sean and the producers keep ruining it!  This show has actually been producing some unexpected results, and I don't know what to think. Tonight we get to see the home town dates with the Final Four ladies, and things are about to get real!

First up, Sean is visiting AshLee in Houston.  Sean already knows that she loves him, and the pressure is on.  You don't want to break a girl's heart when she's confessed her love already!  First we find out that they both have fathers who are reverends and I am wondering how AshLee's dad felt about her teenage marriage then...  They have a heartfelt conversation and I just feel like AshLee is boring. And they are boring together.  So maybe she is perfect for him... But I just don't see a spark.  AshLee admits that she has been dreaming of this day since she was 4 years old- does she mean bringing the Bachelor home to her parents???  Wow that is dedication to the show, AshLee.  Sean meets the parents and he is feeling right at home.  AshLee starts crying as she recounts the emotion of the polar bear plunge, and starts to laugh as she tells her parents about rolling around in the sand with Sean at St Croix.  Things are getting uncomfortable.  Sean ensures AshLee's mom that he will not break her heart, and I'm like.. maybe you shouldn't make that promise when you have 3 other girls.  This chick has abandonment issues, you know.  AshLee's dad ensures him that it will even break HIS heart if he doesn't choose her.  Pressure is on.  But apparently her dad signed off on her teen marriage and trusted her in that decision.  Sean, I don't know if this is the most stable family for you to marry into... I know I wouldn't want it.  At the end of the day, AshLee confesses that she doesn't want to wait another minute to marry Sean.  How did that work out for you last time, AshLee?  Can you tell that I don't want her to win???

Next, Sean goes to visit Catherine in Seattle.  They hang out in a marketplace with people staring and taking pictures and it is just so romantic.  They head to a fish stand and play toss with the fish and I admit, it looks like they are having fun together.  I do like Catherine, but I don't know- I just see them more with a friend vibe than as romantic.  In other news, I think I want to visit Seattle- this place looks like a good time!  Sean and Catherine head out to see her family and she's already warning him about their intimidating nature.  Sean dons an apron and jumps right into her family life, and it is so wonderful.  But then, Catherine talks alone with her sisters.  They are all very realistic, which is definitely my style, but atypical for Bachelor contestants.  Most girls are like AshLee- thinking that this is a fairy tale and they are the princess- but I think Catherine is sensible and I like that.  Unfortunately, the sisters make Sean feel like she can't settle down and that she has extreme mood swings, and this doesn't look good for her...  Catherine's mom has a "we'll see what happens" attitude about the future (which is probably smart considering the typical path of the show), but now Sean is really concerned about moving forward...  Yikes!  Maybe my prediction was right, after all!

Sean's next stop is to see Lindsay's family and that means her 2-star general father.  Uh oh!  Lindsay still seems a bit crazy, but maybe that is why they have the best chemistry, in my opinion.  They spend the day hanging out around her small town, visiting antique shops, etc.  Fun...  Sean thinks Lindsay is ready to settle down and have kids and he thinks this is it!  But he is super nervous about meeting her dad.  Lindsay has never brought home a guy she was serious about (aka has been seeing non-exclusively for 6 weeks), so she puts him through some army training to get him ready.  Okay, it's pretty cute.  Lots of butt smacking, woo!  They head to the base that her father is in charge of (and where they live), and Sean is hoping to prove himself as a man.  Lindsay's mom grills Sean and she definitely approves!  I love her mom, she is crazy and adorable.  See now THIS seems like a family that he should want to be a part of!  The General lets Sean know that he does not want to see Lindsay hurt, and I feel like Sean better listen!  Sean asks for the dad's blessing and I love the candid response- how can he even answer that right now?? It's the hardest thing he's been asked, and I can imagine.  Sean says it's the hardest question he's ever asked, but wait- didn't he already ask that question two times in this episode?  Well, anyway, Sean had a great time and I still maintain that Lindsay will win.  Which I guess would be fine with me...

Still my predicted winner! (ABC)
Finally, Sean visits Desiree in LA, and we all get ready for the drama!  Des takes Sean on a hike- genius move doing what you know he loves...  the outdoors!!  It's perfect, says Sean!  Later, she takes him to her house to make dinner for the family until... OH NO!  Who is this at the door???  This guy (her ex?) is here to confess his love for her and acts like he has no idea where she has been.  She's going to be with this actor?!?  The ex acts as if he was not expecting the cameras (as he continually looks into them) and things get awkward.  Des then confesses that... this was all a JOKE!  WHAT??!?! This guy was an actor and was helping her get back at Sean for the prank from their first date. WHAT THE HELL!?!  This has now ruined every prediction I had ever made about the show.  I kept writing her off for this JOKE!  I am furious.  But also relieved since I love her.  These mixed emotions!  The family shows up and they all have some great talks, until the brother.  He's very skeptical and questions everything about their relationship.  I feel like he's a lonely desperate man who can't accept happiness for himself or anyone else.  He asks to "holla at" Sean and who knows how this will go...  The brother questions Sean's feelings towards Des after seeing them together for about an hour, and I can't wait until he sees the show because it's kind of obvious to America...  Sean handles it very well, but it is clear that he is caught off guard.  If he knew anything about Sean, he would know that Sean is no "playboy" but in fact is just honestly looking for love (okay and maybe a little bit of fame).  I think Des needs to disown the brother and choose Sean over him.  This is awkward.  And tense.  And we all hope that the brother will have no impact on Sean's decision but we know he will.  This. Is. Bad.

NOT a funny joke, Des! (ABC)
Well it's time for the rose ceremony and Sean has decided that he will keep both AshLee and Lindsay.  I think he's just most scared of their fathers if he breaks their heart.  He is still torn on Catherine and Des, mainly because of their families.  Stupid siblings!  Maybe he should just let them both go if he is so sure that neither is right... wouldn't that make sense?  But it's not how the show is supposed to go, so oh well.  Sean comes to hand out the roses and says that he still doesn't know what he is going to do.  Better figure it out quick!  You're on the clock now!  Before he can even hand out the first rose, Des pulls him aside for a quick talk.  She apologizes and he insists that it is all okay and that he gets it.  We'll see...  Roses go out to AshLee and Lindsay, as expected, and finally... Sean puts down the final rose and walks away! What?!?  Make up your mind, Sean!  Clearly this is going to be the 3rd place finisher anyway, so it doesn't even really matter.  Finally he is back and chooses to keep Catherine.  Poor Des!  That damn brother!  She really should never forgive him.  Des tells Sean that he is making a giant mistake, and I actually agree.  AshLee is boring, Lindsay is crazy, and Catherine isn't ready to settle down.  Good luck with them, Sean!  They have a super emotional goodbye as Des makes Sean feel horrible and I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight.  Or more likely he'll probably get over it tomorrow when he's on a romantic island with one of the remaining ladies.  Des cries that she doesn't know what she is going to do with her life now... Des!  You are so awesome and I know you will find someone for you who is 10 times better!

Well, even though the Des drama wasn't exactly what I expected, I will hold on to my prediction that the top two will be AshLee and Lindsay.  Plus, I still think Lindsay will win (and I really hope she beats lame-o AshLee).  Tomorrow night is a special "Sean Tells All" event and I cannot wait!  He's going to bear all about his decisions and we'll get to see more never-before-seen footage of the Tierrarist at her worst!  Don't worry, I'll be here with my commentary on ALL of his confessions! 

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