Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DWTS Week 7: Is This The End??

Oh boy, tonight is Latin Night, which means that Sean will be attempting to shake his hips more than ever... Yikes.  Sean was in the bottom 2 last week so he needs to pick it UP!  He is ready for redemption!

Sean is worried that he needs to act like he is in love for the dance, which is hard since he is not in love with PETA, so of course she brings in Catherine for some love inspiration.  This sexuality in the practice room is getting intense!!  If this is what the dancing is like, I wonder what their personal life is like- oh wait, I guess they have to just let it out on the dance floor for now.  Well let's see if he can channel that love to his dance with Peta...

Such love in his eyes!  (ABC)
They are dancing the Rumba tonight, so at least there aren't too many hip-shaking moves (lucky for him...).  Sean is actually pretty good tonight, but still makes kind of uncomfortable awkward faces- like he is angry or thinking or too intense or something.  Oh, but when he smiles at the end, he still looks great of course!  Carrie Ann says the look was "seductive," not sure about that, but of course he looked hot as always.  Bruno is feeling it and dances around smoothly as he critiques Sean, but he does add that sometimes while dancing Sean squats like he is "going to the toilet."  Hmm... not the best thing to say about a dance.  On to the scores...

Brooke asks Sean how it was having Catherine in the room with him practicing this week, and he gushes that her love just inspired him!  How sweet.  After a quick Happy B-Day shout out, Sean gets his scores- 24- and it's looking up!

Now this week- BONUS- we get to see everyone (but one couple) dance again in an intense dance-off!  Love it.  Sean & Peta are going to be doing the Rumba. Again.  They are going up against Ingo & Kym, which I feel is pretty appropriate because they are both at the mid-bottom.  A fight to survive!  Sean looked pretty good this time (his face stayed pretty normal) and I think he was better than Ingo, but it is up to the judges!  Only Bruno votes for Sean & Peta and I am kind of surprised!! Come on, Sean is not THAT bad!  I'm a bit worried for the results this week- even though I think Andy should be next to go, you never know...  Poor Sean might finally lose his time in the spotlight!  So sad.

Stay tuned for the results!

Monday, April 22, 2013

DWTS Week 6: Sean the Future Stripper

This week is Stevie Wonder week on Dancing!  Let's see how Sean handles this one...  As you may remember, last week was Sean's best dance yet, so I hope he can keep this up.  Unfortunately, Sean is doing the Samba this week, which requires a lot of shimmy-ing... NOT his strong suit. We know he has trouble moving his hips and whatnot...  But maybe just maybe he will finally dance shirtless to boost his scores and votes a little bit!  Here's hoping...

Sean and Peta start their dance and it's just... he makes me feel uncomfortable when he moves his body and smiles awkwardly at the camera.  Is it just me?  Because really, it's not natural.  Thank GOD our prayers are answered and he loses his shirt during this dance, FINALLY.  Definitely a smart tactic to get Bruno to give them high scores for a medicore dance.  In fact, the entire second half of the dance we are so distracted by his spray-tanned abs that we aren't even watching his missteps and awkward facial expressions.

When it comes to the judges' feedback, Carrie Ann tells him to get an iPod to work on his musicality, and I agree!  That body is NOT moving with the music and is making us all feel uncomfortable!  Len says it wasn't terrible, but why does he need to take his shirt off?? Why NOT?!  Bruno says not to worry because he can always get a job as a stripper.  WHAT?! Not sure if that was an insult or a compliment, but even Bruno needs to lighten up!  I just can't believe that Sean doesn't even get cheers from BRUNO on his shirtless performance!  Yikes, this is not good.

Sean admits that doing 2 dances was just too overwhelming this week, clearly, and he ends up with straight 7's.  NOT your best, Sean!  We'll see how he does in the team dance challenge later on...

THAT is the face of a future stripper ;)  (ABC)
Luckily, Sean is on the same team as Derek for the team dance.  Thank goodness!  That means he cannot lose.  In case you have never watched this show before, Derek is literally the greatest DWTS pro of all time and I am sure this group dance will be wonderful.  Unfortunately, all the men in this group dance are wearing fake mustaches and they all look like massive pedophiles and I can't handle it.  Sean is actually not the weakest link (Andy Dick, anyone?), but he still just looks so awkward!  Regardless, it was better than the other team's dance (DUH), and they win the dance-off of course. 

We will see what happens to Sean this week- only 8 remain so I am not sure how much longer he will be around... but he HAS to beat out a couple more.  Sorry Andy Dick and Victor Ortiz, you are next.  Stay tuned to see what happens this week and next!

Monday, April 15, 2013

DWTS Week 5: Sean's Best Dance Yet!

This week the couples are dancing side-by-side with a pro couple so we can see how awful/talented they are... can't wait to see how Sean compares!  He and Peta are dancing alongside of Tristan and Chelsie tonight, so this should be interesting.

We see how devastated Sean was last week when he didn't dance his best, so he is ready for redemption!  Does he not realize how many fans he has from the Bachelor???  Nothing to worry about for a few more weeks, at least!  During practices, Sean shows us how he has been mimicking all of Tristan's actions and trying to be just like him, even with wearing the same pink shirt!  How clever and adorable.  Hope he has learned from him!

This week Sean is wearing a full outfit of clothing which is so out of the ordinary! We need to see those arms and abs! But I will tell you what, this was by far his BEST dance yet!  Where did this come from?!?  He actually looked really amazing out there, and the dance made him seem suave and confident.  Crazy!  The judges agree and I still cannot believe it!  Bruno calls him a swan, Len calls him a pigeon (compliment?), and overall it is positive feedback!  He scores a 24 which is his best yet, and things are looking good for Sean!  Stay tuned to see what happens with the results and the coming performance shows!

Sean is starting to kill it!  (ABC)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DWTS Week 4: Best Year Ever

This week was "best year of your life" week on DWTS where they each had to create and perform a dance about their best year yet.  One guess which year Sean chose!! 2012 of course!! Being the Bachelor and meeting Catherine.  How sweet.  Sean talks abotu how he always wanted a marriage like his parents have, and I feel like we are back on the Bachelor.  We know, Sean!  You love love.  They are performing the Viennese Waltz and it should be so romantic! Sean decides that he wants to somehow incorporate Catherine into the dance- how sweet- and we see an adorable montage of photos of them looking cute. They are just so darn happy!  He dedicates the dance to her, and we are ready!

By the way, is it just me, or is it weird to do an intimate dance with another woman to show your love to your fiance? Maybe I don't get it. Anyway, he is a little stiff and awkward, though I would say this is his best dance yet.  Until the end.  An awkward little solo followed by a choreographed makeout sesh with Catherine. Cute? Or gag?

What a romantic ending to a dance with another woman!
Sean gets overall positive comments, but I think Bruno is pissed/jealous that HE didn't get the kiss at the end!  He gets some criticism about falling out of the dance sometimes, and I agree, but I think his scores will be decent.

They get a 20, which is less than the 21 from last week, but Sean is ready to improve next time!  Again, I think he will stick around because of his fan base, but we will see soon enough!  Stay tuned if anything crazy happens before next week!  Can't wait to see more footage of Sean and Catherine begin the world's happiest couple.  Until then...

Monday, April 1, 2013

DWTS Week 3: Bruno + Sean = Love

Sean is ready to show us his prom moves tonight on DWTS!  Since it is "prom night," Peta asks Sean to show her some of his best moves, and they all look the same- he loves that pelvic thrust!  If only he would show Catherine that move a little more often... They are doing the ChaCha tonight, and performing to the song "YMCA." Oh, lord.  Peta admits that Sean's awkwardness makes her nervous every week, and I couldn't agree more!  So uncomfortable. Well, Sean decides he is going to show Peta how much he knows about dating, and I'm like, I HOPE you know a lot about dating!  You just dated 25 women at once (all funded and organized by ABC of course), so you better be good.  He gives her a lovely rose corsage to show his dating-prowess.  How sweet.

Pretty much sums up Sean on DWTS.  (ABC)

Sean starts out the performance by pretending to be a construction worker jack-hammering with a bunch of other Village-People-dressed men, and I cannot handle how much sexual innuendo there is with his dances. Which is so ironic.  Does Sean look gayer than ever tonight, or is it just me?  Oh my god.  Sean performs the YMCA in his tank top and overalls as he shows off his muscular arms and his hip thrusting and I cannot even handle this.  Possibly one of the worst things I have ever seen.  Catherine, you should not be applauding. You should be horrified. 

The judges applaud the dance, mainly because Bruno is pleased in more ways than one from this dance.  They found it entertaining, but I guess I just still can't handle seeing Sean this way!  Carrie Ann says what we are all thinking- that the one thing missing from the dance was Bruno, and Bruno gets out from behind the judges table to do a little dance.  DYING.  We get it, Bruno has a mega crush on Sean the hottie, and it is getting out of hand.  Sean gets all 7's from the judges- pretty decent- and I am sure he will stick around another week after that sexfest-er-performance. 

I can't wait to see what Sean pulls out next week!  Perhaps a romantic dance with Bruno??  Stay tuned to read all my commentary on the ridiculousness...