Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DWTS Week 4: Best Year Ever

This week was "best year of your life" week on DWTS where they each had to create and perform a dance about their best year yet.  One guess which year Sean chose!! 2012 of course!! Being the Bachelor and meeting Catherine.  How sweet.  Sean talks abotu how he always wanted a marriage like his parents have, and I feel like we are back on the Bachelor.  We know, Sean!  You love love.  They are performing the Viennese Waltz and it should be so romantic! Sean decides that he wants to somehow incorporate Catherine into the dance- how sweet- and we see an adorable montage of photos of them looking cute. They are just so darn happy!  He dedicates the dance to her, and we are ready!

By the way, is it just me, or is it weird to do an intimate dance with another woman to show your love to your fiance? Maybe I don't get it. Anyway, he is a little stiff and awkward, though I would say this is his best dance yet.  Until the end.  An awkward little solo followed by a choreographed makeout sesh with Catherine. Cute? Or gag?

What a romantic ending to a dance with another woman!
Sean gets overall positive comments, but I think Bruno is pissed/jealous that HE didn't get the kiss at the end!  He gets some criticism about falling out of the dance sometimes, and I agree, but I think his scores will be decent.

They get a 20, which is less than the 21 from last week, but Sean is ready to improve next time!  Again, I think he will stick around because of his fan base, but we will see soon enough!  Stay tuned if anything crazy happens before next week!  Can't wait to see more footage of Sean and Catherine begin the world's happiest couple.  Until then...

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