Monday, April 1, 2013

DWTS Week 3: Bruno + Sean = Love

Sean is ready to show us his prom moves tonight on DWTS!  Since it is "prom night," Peta asks Sean to show her some of his best moves, and they all look the same- he loves that pelvic thrust!  If only he would show Catherine that move a little more often... They are doing the ChaCha tonight, and performing to the song "YMCA." Oh, lord.  Peta admits that Sean's awkwardness makes her nervous every week, and I couldn't agree more!  So uncomfortable. Well, Sean decides he is going to show Peta how much he knows about dating, and I'm like, I HOPE you know a lot about dating!  You just dated 25 women at once (all funded and organized by ABC of course), so you better be good.  He gives her a lovely rose corsage to show his dating-prowess.  How sweet.

Pretty much sums up Sean on DWTS.  (ABC)

Sean starts out the performance by pretending to be a construction worker jack-hammering with a bunch of other Village-People-dressed men, and I cannot handle how much sexual innuendo there is with his dances. Which is so ironic.  Does Sean look gayer than ever tonight, or is it just me?  Oh my god.  Sean performs the YMCA in his tank top and overalls as he shows off his muscular arms and his hip thrusting and I cannot even handle this.  Possibly one of the worst things I have ever seen.  Catherine, you should not be applauding. You should be horrified. 

The judges applaud the dance, mainly because Bruno is pleased in more ways than one from this dance.  They found it entertaining, but I guess I just still can't handle seeing Sean this way!  Carrie Ann says what we are all thinking- that the one thing missing from the dance was Bruno, and Bruno gets out from behind the judges table to do a little dance.  DYING.  We get it, Bruno has a mega crush on Sean the hottie, and it is getting out of hand.  Sean gets all 7's from the judges- pretty decent- and I am sure he will stick around another week after that sexfest-er-performance. 

I can't wait to see what Sean pulls out next week!  Perhaps a romantic dance with Bruno??  Stay tuned to read all my commentary on the ridiculousness...

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