Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DWTS Week 2: Sean Saves a Life!

It's week 2 of Dancing with the Stars!  Lucky (or unlucky) for my dad, I am visiting and staying with my parents right now, so he got to watch his least favorite show with me tonight.  Don't worry, I didn't make him watch the whole episode.  At least I got to watch Sean's stellar performance!  Let's recap, shall we?

Sean is dancing the jive this week.  As he practices in his hot little tank tops, we are like, we get it.  He is muscular.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have the rhythm that he needs for this dance...  At one point during rehearsals, we see Peta yell at Sean and he curls up in the fetal position.  Oh Sean, this is going to be your future once you get married, so get used to it!  In other news, is Sean looking a little too thin and malnourished to anyone else?

Time for the dance, and Sean is dressed as a lifeguard, in his beefy tank top again of course.  So glad we get to see those muscles!  First we see him resuscitating Peta, Sandlot style.  Classic. Bonus points for that one!  He keeps flashing us his cheesy smile and it is so bad I can't even handle it.  Also, Peta's choreography has him saluting throughout the whole dance.  It's excessive and kind of weird.  He also has to do some high kicks and they are definitely not up to par.  Maybe he needs to work on that flexibility a little bit- at least for Catherine's sake before they get married!  Next, Sean thinks he is a gymnast!  That cartwheel.  You are no Aly Raisman.  Please stop.  Finally the dance ends and I can wipe the look of disgust off my face.  Quick flash to Catherine cheering him on!  What a sweetheart!

We get the judges remarks, and they are not optimal.  Bruno says Sean has charm and charisma but it was too jitterbug than jive.  But has a great presence (aka looks great in a tank).  Carrie Ann wants him to feel the music more, and Len doesn't get it at all!  Thank you, Len, for saying what we are all thinking!  Catherine shakes her head and boos at Len but really, Catherine?  It's obvious Sean doesn't have the sass and spunk that he needs!  (In any capacity of your lives, I bet...).

Will he get the rose?? Er.. votes??
Sean gets ready for his scores and exclaims that he and Peta are having a blast together. How sweet.  He gets a 7-6-7 set of scores and Sean feels good about it.  Not bad, but not good either.  Average- just like his personality.  By the way, is he wearing makeup?  I am sure he has some stage makeup on, but he looks rather feminine. Maybe lay off the eyeliner next time... Not a good look.

Well hopefully Sean's arms have gained him enough support that he will have the votes to keep him around!  Watch the results show tonight, or stay tuned for updates from me if anything exciting happens!

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