Monday, March 11, 2013

And the Winner Is...

The end is finally here and we have a lot of questions to answer tonight!  WHO will he choose?  WILL he propose? And WHAT is that letter about?  Oh wait, and the most important question- WHY is this episode THREE hours long?!?  Let's see what excitement awaits...

Sean brings the ladies to Thailand for the final week, and he can't wait to spend time with them AND with his family.  We get to see Sean interact with his adorable niece and nephew again and we are reminded how great of a family man he is!  How sweet.  Sean admits that he has no idea who he is going to choose and the family is skeptical.  I mean, I would be too.  I know I've never done this or anything, but how can you really be ready to propose to TWO people?  I just don't know.

Catherine is the first to meet the family and she just fits right in!  She really is so cute and genuine and it's actually kind of refreshing to have someone real on this show.  Sean's mother, however, needs to see passion!  Is that weird?  How much does she want to know...?  Hmm.  Catherine is being really serious with the mom, and I'm not sure I like her this way.  I'm so torn right now!  She's so normal, I don't know what to think!  This is not how the Bachelor is supposed to go!  Sean's dad tells Catherine that if they get married, he will love her like his daughter, and he is so sweet!  Catherine tears up and I do really love Sean's family.  Why is everyone so normal?!?  I need the drama. 

Next we get to see Lindsay meet the family, and I have a feeling we will all be even more torn.  She's been my front-runner for a while, but Catherine was so great with the family!  Lindsay is adorable and fun and the family even appreciates the whole wedding dress thing!  It's meant to be.  Sean's dad is throwing some tough questions out there and Lindsay is doing pretty well with them.  Gosh, this dad!  He is making everyone cry and he is so sweet I can't even handle it.  Lindsay asks the dad for Sean's hand in marriage and they have a good laugh.  She is such a jokester and they love her too!  What is Sean going to do???

Shockingly, the family loved them both.  His mom reminds him that he does not HAVE to propose, and that he shouldn't if he is not sure.  Thank you for a voice of reason!  Is she the only one who has seen the track record of couples from this show??  I know ABC wants a fairy tale, but the guys really don't need to propose.  I agree with the mom!!  Sean appears to not be listening to her advice, and he just wants her support. But come on, it's your mom and you are about to propose to someone you've been non-exclusively dating for three months.  I mean...  She's right.  You're blinded.  Sean is still undecided but will make his decision in 48 hours.  Just do it already!

Sean is rocking the tank top for his last date with Lindsay and he legit looks like an old Ken doll I used to have.  No joke.  They go rafting down the icky brown river and Sean gives Lindsay a geography lesson- so romantic.  It really looks like Sean is in love with her, and I really see them together!  The chemistry!  They make out a little bit while the raft captains row them along... awkward, but I guess not when you're in love!  Lindsay is so in love and Sean just wants to say it back!  Too bad he is not allowed to. Ugh, I think they are perfect together, the end.  Lindsay surprises Sean by doing the make a wish on a floating lantern thing, and I am pretty sure she got that idea from a previous season of the Bachlor/ette... because I've definitely seen this on the show before.  How creative, Lindsay!  Just get married and be done with it, you guys!

Even though Sean has fallen in love with Lindsay, he needs to have a final date with Catherine too. He is searching for a sign that SHE is the one, not Lindsay.  I don't know.  Sean is taking Catherine on an elephant ride and she is so excited and adorable.  I am so jealous!  This is my dream!  She really is so cute.  They get off the elephants and have a cuddle session and sadly I just don't see the chemistry as much.  She is very rational and practical (which is great), but I feel like he wants a carefree dreamer like Lindsay.  Catherine feels the need to share how she feels with Sean, but she is just not as open and free with her love as Lindsay.  I don't like how she never looks him in the eye when she is talking to him about serious stuff.  I know it's hard for her to be vulnerable, but I don't think it's a good thing.  Right at the end of the date, she is finally ready to say she loves him, and she takes the plunge.  BUT, she doesn't see it reciprocated by Sean.  She chases after him in tears because she can sense that it won't be her.  Doesn't she realize that he is not allowed to admit his true feelings to either of them?  That's the crappy nature of the show, Catherine- you have to be the first one to say I love you.  You should have been ready for this!  Catherine is devastated at the end of the night, but I still don't know for sure what he is going to do... so stressful!

Meanwhile, back at the live studio show, Chris Harrison interviews some of the fans about their take on the episode.  HOW DO I GET ON THIS LIVE FINALE???  I need to be there.  They need my input for sure.

Well, Sean still thinks that he could marry either woman, but he has woken up this morning knowing what he needs to do.  He is ready to pick out the ring and thank goodness Neil Lane has made the trip out to Thailand to provide the bling!  Luckily, he picks out the gaudiest ring possible... lovely.  Sean is so emotional as he cries on camera.  Like legit cries.  The girls get ready for the final rose ceremony and we are ready to see one heart break. 

Back in the studio, Lesley is there!!!  So happy to see her!!!  She chooses Catherine (only because they are bff's from the show), but I have to respect her choice!  Sarah is there as well, blah, and chooses Lindsay to win.  AshLee is back too, and I am waiting for her to jump at the winner with a switch blade later tonight.  She is predicting Lindsay to win and I am worried for Lindsay's safety.  This crazy bitch is not going to be okay with whoever ends up with him.  Yikes!  Okay, Chris, let's get to the winner already!

FINALLY the time is here.  Sean cries a little bit more knowing that he is about to hurt a girl he has no reason to hurt, and it is a little bit sad.  The suspense is killing me!  And WAIT- Lindsay is the first girl, meaning she is NOT the one!  WHAT!?  How can this be happening!?  This makes no sense!  THIS IS SHOCKING!  She is trying to take this well but you can tell that she is devastated and trying to make sense of it all.  I actually cannot believe this.  He even tells her that he loves her, and he starts to cry, and she just tells him to stop.  I AM DYING.  Lindsay admits that this is her nightmare and graciously tells him she's gonna go now.  HOW SAD IS THIS?  Lindsay takes off her heels and walks away as Sean tries to be a gentleman and walk her out.  Rather, he looks like a creep following her into the woods of Thailand.  Don't you get it Sean?? Leave her alone!  This bitch is pissed!  Luckily Chris Harrison is there to escort her out, and Sean pulls himself together.  Poor Lindsay is so emotional and I mean, she has a right to be pissed.  But then again, you are 24 and hot- I am pretty sure you'll bounce back.  P.S. Am I the only one who noticed that the past 2 Bachelor seasons have ended with Lindsay/Lindzi as the runner up??  Maybe the name is cursed.  Well, she definitely took it graciously.  And... moving on.

Lindsay ready to finish in 2nd in her silver outfit... (ABC)

Chris shows up with Sean again with a note from... Catherine!  What does it say?!?  ABC cuts us off in suspense and we are dying to see the results!  Finally, we get a dramatic reading of the letter from Sean and Catherine, and we find out that she is excited to be with him after all!  OMG they are going to be together forever!  Also, is it a coincidence that Lindsay was wearing all silver and Catherine is wearing all gold?  I have to think this is symbolic... Clever producers!!  Sean gives an emotional, dramatic speech, and it really is romantic.  He gets down on one knee and they both start shaking, and she is in such genuine amazement.  Okay, this is actually so sweet.  I am happy for them.  Well, I hope it works out.  They are both cute and seem genuine and happy, and OMG they ride off on an elephant.  DYING.  I guess I was wrong about my final predictions, but it HAD to be the way the producers cut the show.  I mean, they made it seem like it would be Lindsay for sure.  Damn you, ABC!  Well, now that we know it's Catherine, I can't wait to see what the latest big announcement is...

The gold suits you!  (ABC)

Back at the studio, Sean is there!!  He is so happy to have the secret out there, and he is so excited to make their love known to the world!  How sweet.  Well, before we can all be happy, it's time to see Lindsay... awkward!  She of course asks what happened, and Sean really doesn't have an answer.  That's the worst.  She is so mature and lets him know that she is happy for him, but still pushes to know what went wrong.  Again, no real answer.  He just knows Catherine is the one.  Honestly, that is the worst answer, and this is getting really uncomfortable.  Chris pushes even further and makes Lindsay relive the painful moments of the rejection. Thanks, Chris.  Lindsay keeps harking on her faith and thanks the Lord for helping her through the break up, and I can't even deal with this.  Good thing I'm 4 or 5 glasses of wine deep right now.

Sean is ready to reunite with Catherine in public, and we can't wait!  They both look so happy and are so in love.  It's nice.  On one hand, it's actually nice to see a genuine, happy couple, but on the other hand- I love me some drama!  We "get"/have to re-watch the proposal, but it's nice that they get to watch it.  Really- my husband's proposal to me was recorded and it was definitely fun to watch again- so I get it.  But we JUST saw this an hour ago, so...  let's get to the big announcement, please!  Oh. No.  Stop.  Guess what the surprise is?!  They are going to get married on TV.  On ABC!  Shock!  I guess this commitment means they actually have to go through with it, even though they don't have a date yet.  Chris Harrison offers to marry them TONIGHT, but they turn him down.  Lame.  It's exciting to see that they are actually serious about getting married, but come on- I would get married on TV too if ABC was going to fund/plan the whole thing- did you SEE Ashley & JP's wedding?  Yeah.  This excruciating 3-hour event is almost over- we are just waiting for the announcement of the next Bachelorette, and I cannot wait- I am pretty sure I know who it will be. 

And... IT'S DESIREE!  Just who I was hoping for and expecting!  I am BEYOND excited that it is her, and I cannot wait until her season.  She is so cute and happy and I love her even more than ever.  Don't worry, I'll be posting more about my excitement soon and I cannot wait to blog about her season this summer! 

Well, this is it for my first season Bachelor blogging.  Stay tuned during the off-season for updates, and get excited for next season with DES!  Until then, stay bitchy!

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