Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ashley & JP: True Bachelorette Love

I won't lie.  I am OBSESSED with Ashley and JP.  I love love loved them together on her season and I still do.  As much as I kind of hated Ashley for being such an idiot (oh did we forget about that whole Bentley thing?), I do actually love them being together.  I really really really hope that the "we are so in love and obsessed with each other" thing that they portray on TV now is real, because it makes me feel all happy inside when people find true happiness.  I guess I am a good person deep down after all.

Well unlike basically every other Bachelor/ette couple in history, these two ACTUALLY GOT MARRIED!!  So in true ABC-whoring-out-people's-lives-to-make-more-money fashion, they so graciously offered to televise this fairy tale wedding for the perfect couple.  While watching, I had a major internal struggle between how much I love them but how much I hate them for this stupid ABC-sponsored wedding.  Here is just an overview of what I hated:

1.  Probably what I hated the most was Ashley saying over and over again how much work it was to put on a wedding.  Dear Ashley, Yes, it is hard to put on a wedding.  WHEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE ONE DOING ANY OF THE PLANNING/PAYING.  What she really means is, "it takes so much work to have my celebrity wedding planner make every decision and create everything that she thinks we may want and then to have ABC pay for all of it without us ever having to be concerned about the cost."  Some of us actually did plan our entire weddings, DIY everything, stick to our own budget, and yes, we are allowed to say that it is a lot of work.  Not you.

2.  I wish that my husband and I got catered picnics in the park every afternoon and spent our days strolling together through lovely little downtown shops each day. I hate when they (ABC) try so hard to make it look like their lives are perfect.  Please show them on a regular day in their sweats eating breakfast on the couch and arguing about who has to walk the dog today.  That way it wouldn't make me feel bad that my own marriage isn't living up to the television-created standards of what a perfect couple should look like.  Or are they REALLY just that perfect?!?!?

3. Why was Sean there?  For publicity.  He does not know them.  Maybe he met them like, once. For that matter, why were any of those former Bach's there? For publicity.  I know that I would not want people that we didn't even know/like at my wedding.  Then again, I never had ABC pay for and plan my wedding... The only ones who actually should have been there were Ali and Roberto.

 4.  Speaking of which, WHY WERE ALI AND ROBERTO THERE TOGETHER!??! Stop playing games with my heart you guys! My heart literally broke the day they ended their relationship.  I actually thought they were the best couple EVER in the history of the show. Like, amazing.  Obsessed with them. I know this is sad how much I get involved in these relationships.  But they were so cute!!!!! Okay back to my point- if you are going to go to a wedding together, then please be officially back together.  My little heart can't handle this speculation.

5.  Finally, something I love: Chris Harrison. I love that he officiated this ceremony.  It kills me.  I love that he is not just a host, he is a couples therapist, a psychologist, and now a wedding officiant as well.  I remember when they jokingly asked him to officiate on one of the recent season finales, and I love that it actually happened!  And I was very impressed that he was able to host the entire special, AND officiate.  He is talented!

Okay, I won't go on any more about every specific detail that I judged about their wedding.  There is just too much to say for that.  All I can say is, I really REALLY really hope that this marriage lasts!  I want to know that this show that I have devoted so much time to can actually work for some people, and that love can happen from TV!

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