Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DWTS Week 7: Is This The End??

Oh boy, tonight is Latin Night, which means that Sean will be attempting to shake his hips more than ever... Yikes.  Sean was in the bottom 2 last week so he needs to pick it UP!  He is ready for redemption!

Sean is worried that he needs to act like he is in love for the dance, which is hard since he is not in love with PETA, so of course she brings in Catherine for some love inspiration.  This sexuality in the practice room is getting intense!!  If this is what the dancing is like, I wonder what their personal life is like- oh wait, I guess they have to just let it out on the dance floor for now.  Well let's see if he can channel that love to his dance with Peta...

Such love in his eyes!  (ABC)
They are dancing the Rumba tonight, so at least there aren't too many hip-shaking moves (lucky for him...).  Sean is actually pretty good tonight, but still makes kind of uncomfortable awkward faces- like he is angry or thinking or too intense or something.  Oh, but when he smiles at the end, he still looks great of course!  Carrie Ann says the look was "seductive," not sure about that, but of course he looked hot as always.  Bruno is feeling it and dances around smoothly as he critiques Sean, but he does add that sometimes while dancing Sean squats like he is "going to the toilet."  Hmm... not the best thing to say about a dance.  On to the scores...

Brooke asks Sean how it was having Catherine in the room with him practicing this week, and he gushes that her love just inspired him!  How sweet.  After a quick Happy B-Day shout out, Sean gets his scores- 24- and it's looking up!

Now this week- BONUS- we get to see everyone (but one couple) dance again in an intense dance-off!  Love it.  Sean & Peta are going to be doing the Rumba. Again.  They are going up against Ingo & Kym, which I feel is pretty appropriate because they are both at the mid-bottom.  A fight to survive!  Sean looked pretty good this time (his face stayed pretty normal) and I think he was better than Ingo, but it is up to the judges!  Only Bruno votes for Sean & Peta and I am kind of surprised!! Come on, Sean is not THAT bad!  I'm a bit worried for the results this week- even though I think Andy should be next to go, you never know...  Poor Sean might finally lose his time in the spotlight!  So sad.

Stay tuned for the results!

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