Monday, May 6, 2013

DWTS Week 8: It's Hard Being So Caucasian!

Well, I predicted Sean may be eliminated last week, and I admit I was wrong. Luckily the right thing happened and Andy Dick finally went home instead.  But this week will definitely be between Sean and Ingo, so it will be a close one!

Tonight, Sean is looking dapper in his tuxedo- I feel like we are back on the Bachelor! He and Peta will be performing the Tango first tonight and I am excited for some sensuality!  Sean tells us that he loves this and wants to "last as long as I can last" and I know we all feel the same way ;) (especially Catherine!). 

Just barely survived last week... we'll see about this week!  (ABC)
His dance begins as a wedding gone wrong and we all hope this is just an act!  Unfortunately, he looks very unsure this week and is not appearing very confident in this dance.  Not his best.  He seems to be concentrating on the steps way too much and doesn't seem to be having fun... But Catherine loves it of course!  Bruno critiques that he may have lost his footwork and Carrie Ann agrees that he has lost the music.  The crowd boos, but the judges are correct!  Len says it was a little bit ugly, yikes!  Well hopefully the second dance will be better!  Brooke asks how he would feel about doing hip hop next week, and Sean says playfully that when you look at him, you think hip hop- OH yes. PLEASE tweet to vote for Sean to do hip hop.  I will DIE.  Anyway, he gets a 21 on the first dance, so I am not sure there will even be a next week...

The second dance of the night is a menage-er- I mean- a "trio" dance.  Sean loves the thought of dancing with 2 women at once, and I'm like... really, Sean?  They are bringing Sharna into the dance and things are gonna get craaaaazy.  Sean is acting as a magician with the ladies as his assistants, so this should be interesting. The dance is better than the last and he actually looks pretty happy and much more confident this time around.  His feet still aren't the best, but he looked like he was having a lot more fun at least!  The judges are proud of him for trying, but they still don't think it was too great.  This is not looking good, Sean!  Sean admits that these dances were hard for him, being so Caucasian, and we have to agree.  He gets another 21 (consistent!), and he needs some votes!!

This week was rough- I think this might be the end FOR REAL this time.  He is definitely not good enough for the top 4, and it is getting down to the wire!  Stay tuned to see what happens!

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