Monday, April 15, 2013

DWTS Week 5: Sean's Best Dance Yet!

This week the couples are dancing side-by-side with a pro couple so we can see how awful/talented they are... can't wait to see how Sean compares!  He and Peta are dancing alongside of Tristan and Chelsie tonight, so this should be interesting.

We see how devastated Sean was last week when he didn't dance his best, so he is ready for redemption!  Does he not realize how many fans he has from the Bachelor???  Nothing to worry about for a few more weeks, at least!  During practices, Sean shows us how he has been mimicking all of Tristan's actions and trying to be just like him, even with wearing the same pink shirt!  How clever and adorable.  Hope he has learned from him!

This week Sean is wearing a full outfit of clothing which is so out of the ordinary! We need to see those arms and abs! But I will tell you what, this was by far his BEST dance yet!  Where did this come from?!?  He actually looked really amazing out there, and the dance made him seem suave and confident.  Crazy!  The judges agree and I still cannot believe it!  Bruno calls him a swan, Len calls him a pigeon (compliment?), and overall it is positive feedback!  He scores a 24 which is his best yet, and things are looking good for Sean!  Stay tuned to see what happens with the results and the coming performance shows!

Sean is starting to kill it!  (ABC)

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