Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Predictions for a Tierra-less Final Four

Well Sean, you proved me wrong!  I admit, I didn't think he had the inner-strength to overcome Tierra's sexual/manipulative powers, but he did it!  Though I am pretty sure if it hadn't been for his level-headed older sister (aren't we all?), he wouldn't have had the sense or the balls to send her home.  He better be thanking Shay until he dies. 

So now that Tierra and my favorite, Lesley, are gone, we are down to the Final Four- Home Town Dates!  And the finalists are:

Cute, fun Catherine (ABC)
Catherine: Cute, fun, and super low-maintenance. She is a 26 year-old from Seattle and she loves being adventurous and spontaneous.  She also has a sad back story about a dad with depression, and it looks like her sisters may also give Sean some problems.  I have a feeling she will go home next week. I just don't see them ending up together!

Desiree:  Oh Desiree.  I love her.  She is adorable and I love that she is a bridal stylist.  She is a ton of fun and she definitely clicks with Sean. BUT as I've been carrying on about all season, the producers already revealed that this will not last.  At home towns, her jerk brother will put a damper on things, and the biggest problem is that she will have some kind of ex-boyfriend drama.  I have a feeling that this will happen once she is in the top 3 (after spending time at home and reconnecting with the ex), and she will pull a Frank from Ali's season.  Bummer, but I hope she finds happiness with the ex, at least!

Lindsay:  Ah, the wedding dress girl.  I have to admit, I thought she was NUTS the first night and I couldn't believe he kept her (aka the producers made him keep her) that night.  But all is forgotten, and he is now crazy about her.  She hides behind her humor, but she insists she is actually very deep. She is only 24, so I worry about her ability to settle down, especially since she describes herself as a "party starter."  I can't wait to see Sean meet her 2-star General father next week!  I have a feeling she will be in the finale for sure.
Not so crazy, anymore... (ABC)
AshLee:  I have never been a fan.  She is boring and has a TON of baggage.  And she admits that she takes up to 3 hours to get ready for a date- that is not for Sean.  She is a professional organizer which is awesome, but I cannot imagine rugged, spontaneous Sean living in that lifestyle.  She also has a LOT of abandonment issues, which I do not think Sean is equipped to handle... He can act as caring as he wants, but he is far too shallow to handle her.  I think she will be in the top 2 for sure (I mean, she's already said I love you...), and she may even win.  I just don't think it would be a successful relationship...

So there you have my feelings about each girl.  To recap my predictions for the rest of the season:

Home Towns: Catherine goes home
Top 3: Desiree goes home after the ex scandal
Finale: Now that Tierra is gone, I predict the new winner will be... Lindsay

Stay tuned to see how it all turns out...

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