Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why the Courtneys and Tierras Will ALWAYS Win

NOTE: This is NOT a spoiler as I do not *know* that Tierra will win- just a prediction

As viewers, we are so often shocked when the "mean girl" or the "crazy bitch" ends up winning the guy's heart on The Bachelor.  How can he not see it?!  How is he so naive?! Well, there are a few tricks that these beauties use that help them completely blind the Bachelor to their true selves and win the "game."  If more girls would figure out this technique and really "play" the game, maybe things would get more interesting. Unfortunately, because of this, the prospect of actually finding love is becoming dismally unlikely.  Let's look at some common threads of these villainess winners and winners-to-be, shall we?

1. She plays hard to get- but like, REALLY hard to get.  By constantly questioning their relationship and asking for reassurance, she leaves it to the guy to make it clear to her that she really is amazing and they do have a strong connection!  By putting that doubt in his mind, it makes him want her even more.  Men, hell, people always want what they can't have and this makes these bitches even more irresistible.  Note: The same thing happened to Ashley- remember Bentley? That asshole constantly insulted her and put her down, which just made her want him more.  Seems to be a smart move.

2. She visits him even when she is not supposed to.  This shows the guy that this girl is wild and dangerous and BONUS: it makes him incapable of thinking about anyone else.  Wow, this girl must be really amazing if she is willing to break all the rules to come see me.

3.  She has sex with him before the show "allows" it.  Okay, this has not happened with Tierra- yet- and not to our knowledge.  However, it was a definite Courtney go-to.  Who doesn't remember the late night secret skinny-dipping/sex session with Ben mid-way through the season?  Newsflash: Guys want to have sex before the 10th date.  By giving it up early on, before the final overnight date in the "fantasy suite," it shows the guy that he is going to get some ass. A lot of it.  And what guy WOULDN'T go for that???  Genius move.

4.  All the girls hate her.  This only makes him want to see the "good" in her even more.  This goes all the way back to Vienna (Jake's season).  The girls feel threatened by her, call her out on being a bitch, and THEY become the villains.  Plus, any time a girl "warns" the Bachelor about the "real side" of the girl, he shoots the messenger (in this case, he sends her home).  He doesn't want anyone questioning his decisions and is angry and insulted when people try to change his mind which has been made up from Night 1.  Most recently, this happened to both Kacie B. AND Jackie on this season.  Pure genius.

5.  She plays the victim.  Tierra has brought this to a new level this season.  This used to just mean acting like everyone hates her.  But Tierra- she is a real artist- she brings the emergency medical teams into it.  First, she falls down the stairs and makes Sean feel so sorry for her, and therefore spend extra time with her.  Later, she "almost dies" of hypothermia and again, Sean is the only one who can revive her.  Sean feels so emotional about these near-death experiences and his subsequent making her feel better, that he forms a connection with her beyond what he could possibly make with anyone else.  Now THIS is top of the line game playing!

So there you have it.  We all want to believe that the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) will be smarter and see through all the bullshit, but at the end of the day, wouldn't you choose the spontaneous, hard-to-get, victimized, sex-fiend over the boring girls who play by the rules?  So would I. 

But Sean, you might want to call Ben and see how that whole Courtney thing worked out for him...

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