Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bachelorette Week 5: Gotta Get That Kiss

As you may remember (how could we forget?), the ultimate bad boy Chad is gone, but that doesn't mean the drama is gone! JoJo and her 8 guys are in Buenos Aires this week, and it is just the perfect place to fall in love. This week we will get a one-on-one, a group date, AND another two-on-one!! For the first time ever.. what is JoJo doing?! Why would she want yet another horrible awkward situation? Who knows.

The first one-on-one date is going to Wells, who is adorable, but admits that he is the only one who hasn't even KISSED JoJo yet. And the other guys do everything possible to make him feel bad about it. So. Basically this whole date is one giant build up to kissing her, and the most uncomfortable situation EVER. All anyone can think about is when the kiss is going to happen, and how it better be amazing, or he is gone... I mean, is there actually any chemistry between them? We'll see. The date involves doing weird Argentine performance art, and the best Wells can do at this point is an awkward kiss on the cheek. So. FINALLY, they end up in this crazy sexy suspended pool all sliding around and grabbing at each other, and it's finally the right time for Wells. And it happens! And JoJo announces her excitement to the world. So awkward. Is this chemistry, or just some weird date you later try to forget? So later, JoJo tries to get to know Wells a bit more, but it feels like their lack of chemistry is enough to make JoJo want to shut the door on this one. He clearly has some issues with physical relationships and chemistry, and JoJo is NOT trying to pursue that. I get you girl. He's cute and sweet, but we need that passion!!! It's just not there, so Wells gets sent home, and we are not surprised. Don't feel bad, I'm sure he'll be fine one day. JoJo leaves the date and heads to some sort of outdoor rave(?) all alone, and it really has just been the weirdest day. Moving on.
The next date will be a group date with 5 of the guys, all of whom I like, but especially of course Robby and Jordan. They spend the day walking around town, and end up playing a soccer game against some locals. Poor James Taylor starts getting really self deprecating as he realizes that he is definitely not as hot or athletic as the others. I mean, yeah. Jordan.. Luke.. Alex.. Robby.. Yeah. I won't lie, hard to compete with that. But somehow James is the only one to score a PK, and wins a kiss with JoJo, so his confidence is rebuilt. Phew.

Later that night, JoJo gets some alone time with all the guys on the date. First, she clearly has a strong connection with Luke, but I am still not feeling it. He just seems dumb to me. Or just not very articulate. Or just odd in some way. I know they have a lot of passion, but sometimes you do need more than that... Next, James Taylor decides that he's not doing so well in this competition, so maybe it's time to start throwing the frontrunners under the bus! Come on now, James, we don't need to go after Jordan just because he is better at life than you. So. Basically James is jealous because Jordan is more famous than him, and needs to hurt JoJo's relationship with Jordan to make himself feel better. James... this makes me like you a lot less. Dick move. JoJo now needs to figure out if there really is a side of Jordan she doesn't know... I mean, do you know he's semi-famous? Because that's all you need to know. JoJo basically accuses him of being "entitled," but I honestly believe him that it is being blown out of proportion. Don't you know the Rodgers family?? They are just awesome. After wasting his alone time with JoJo, Jordan confronts James, who he thought was one of his closest friends, and Jordan is NOT happy. But really. Why do you have to talk about other people during your own time? So lame. At the end of the date, Luke gets the group date rose, and we are not shocked at all. But there is still a lotttt of tension here!
So the final date of the week is a two-on-one, weirdly enough between Derek and Chase. And I like them both, so I'm kind of torn. Derek feels super confident, and Chase feels super pissed, and I am honestly not sure which way this is going to go. So the date today involves the tango- because as we know, it only takes TWO to tango... JoJo will be dancing with both men, and feeling passion with them both, and it is getting pretty awkward. Just like in real life. Because, get it?? The tango is like a metaphor for what they are actually going through on this two-on-one!!! What do you know??? So later, JoJo gets some time to decide which of them she will be keeping, and I'm actually getting kind of annoyed by Derek and his sudden burst of cockiness. How many times now has he said how confident he is that he will get the rose? Enough. He tells JoJo that he is falling for her, which she appreciates, but I just feel like he is acting like a bit of a douchebag. Liking him less and less... Meanwhile, Chase is still all sorts of nervous, and it shows. Chase is not giving JoJo the words of affirmation that she needs... he just needs to grow a pair and put it all on the line! And soon, because Derek is becoming more and more of an asshole by the moment. Chase finally opens up and tells JoJo what she needs to hear, but he still seems so nervous! At the end of the day, JoJo throws a curveball and gives the rose to Chase, NOT Derek. I'm pretty happy about it, and I feel like she does like Chase more than Derek. And let's be honest. Derek was acting like an ass. So. Bye.

Finally we get to the cocktail party, and apparently JoJo has to send home one more guy. I don't get why either... can't we just keep the six, and then narrow to four next week? This seems unnecessary. JoJo spends some time with Jordan, who finally opens up emotionally and tells her how much he is falling for her, and I still love it! JoJo finally talks to Alex some this week, and we realize that he hasn't even spent that much time with her after all. We just feel like we know him so well because of all the Chad drama. So I am on the fence about Alex for sure. Gotta be between Alex and James this week... we'll find out soon! JoJo gives her first rose of the night to Robby, and we are not surprised. The second rose goes to Jordan, and again, not surprised. So as expected we are down to Alex and James, and JoJo decides she needs to up and leave! She just walks off, rose in hand. Hmm... In a nerve wrecking turn of events, JoJo makes it look like she will not be giving out ANY final rose, but instead... Chris Harrison walks in with a platter with TWO roses, so they can both get one. I mean, this was obviously the smartest idea.. she already sent two guys home this week, and that should be enough at this point in the season. James feels grateful for his rose, but Alex feels PISSED about his "pity rose" and complains that he just needs more one-on-one time, or else he's out. Won't be surprised if we see that happen next week...

So to recap, if you missed tonight's episode, you missed nothing of real significance- just two people who we don't really love getting sent home. Stay tuned next week though, as we find out... are we going to Jordan's hometown, and WILL AARON BE THERE??? Can't wait to see what happens! Until then...

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