Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 7 Recap: Ben the Small Town Hero

Welcome to Week 7! We are already down to 6 girls at this point, and really, anything can happen from here on out. This week, Ben is taking the girls to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, and I'm like... how lame. Remember when this show used to take people all over Europe??? And now they somehow end up in the Midwest every season. Wild... Ben does get a chance to check in with his parents and describe each of the girls to them. And he makes it so clear who he is most into... JoJo, Lauren, and Amanda. Duh. But can we just quickly acknowledge that all six remaining girls like love each other? I feel like I'm watching a little group of sorority sisters playing in the fall leaves here. But I digress... Ben is super excited to show off his hometown to the girls, starting with his first date of the week with... Lauren! And the other girls are all soooo jealous because it's so obvious that he likes her the best. But really, he does, and some of you should just give up now.....

Ben takes Lauren B around his neighborhood to show off his old schools and hangout spots, and I am finally starting to see how boring Ben is. I mean, he was clearly the big time stud of his town- high school quarterback, worked at the youth center, all-around local star. But, he's a small town guy at heart for sure. Ben and Lauren head to the youth center and have fun playing with the kids, and Ben even brings in some famous Indiana Pacers stars (his close personal friends?) to hang out with the kids. Ben proves to us that he is actually amazing with kids and once again shows that he is 100% the nicest person alive. He may be kind of boring, but my god is he a sweetheart. I know he is kind of lame, but I still just love him!!!!!!! And clearly Lauren does too. Such a perfect couple!!!
Good thing Ben has such famous friends!
Later, Lauren addresses the ridiculous allegations that Leah arbitrarily threw out there last week about her being "different in the house," and clearly they are fine... he trusts Lauren way more than that psycho he sent home last week. They finish the night at Ben's favorite local dive bar, where Lauren gets to meet and hang out with all of his friends. And it looks like they are in the perfect little happy relationship. This is the big time!!! This is for real!!! Why is anyone else still even here??? End the show now.

Just when I think it's over, I remember that JoJo is still there. The other favorite. And she has a one-on-one date too... So maybe things aren't decided quite yet. Ben takes JoJo to Chicago (which I guess is close to Warsaw, IN? Who knew?) and they get to hang out at Wrigley Field, home of Ben's favorite team. How is he not like freaking out about how awesome this is??? He's being so nonchalant. Ben and JoJo play some baseball and hang out on the field (while their every moves are being broadcast on the big screen... weird), and Ben admits that he is more himself around her than anyone else... That's kind of a big deal. They literally just spend the entire day at Wrigley Field, including having their romantic dinner in the middle of the field. It seems too windy for this... But what do I know? Ben is ready to get JoJo to open up, and I too am hoping she gets vulnerable! JoJo is just scared, in case you didn't get that from the 800 times she said it. But she is. Scared. She wants love, but she is scared. JoJo. Ben is incredible and one of the greatest guys in the world, so stop. Be confident and let him love you!!! She does confirm that her heart is indeed open for love, and, could it be, she is finally NOT scared anymore!!! Baseball. Saving relationships one date at a time. 
Sparks flying on the field!
Next up is the group date with Caila, Amanda, and Becca. I'm actually okay if none of them gets the rose. I guess I like Amanda the best, but all-in-all... meh. They spend the day row boating and flying kites and it looks superrrrrrrrr boring. But wait, there's more- hanging out in a barn! Didn't Becca just reject someone who took her into a barn on their final date? Why are we doing this all over again?? Ben has a great chat with self-deprecating Amanda (I can't understand why anyone would ever like me even though I am drop dead gorgeous....), and an okay chat with frustrated Becca. Dear Becca, everyone hates you for toying with Chris's heart and being awful on that season. So go home. Ben doesn't want a virgin, and we definitely don't need your monotonous voice boring us with your inane conversations. Bye. Finally, Ben talks to Caila, and I think I've figured her out. She is super beautiful, so it makes us blind to the fact that she is super odd and is incapable of a serious commitment. So wishy-washy. I'm pretty much over her too. The group date rose goes to Amanda, and I am not surprised, but Becca is nottttt happy. She is clearly used to being desired (I mean, Chris was crazy obsessed with her), and now Ben is not showing her that extreme desire, so she's getting all pouty about it. Everyone is supposed to want me! I'm virginal for goodness sakes! Just go home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Caila looks like a sad little lost puppy, and Becca wonders why she is even still there. I wonder that too, Becca. They wouldn't be so sad if they knew that Ben was taking Amanda on the dumbest date in the history of The Bachelor. To McDonald's. Stop. What is this? Is this what you think it will be like to be a dad or something??? Or is this just your ideal hangout spot?Oh lord. The rose is sitting on the McDonald's tray. This is so white trash I cannot even deal. Oh but that is not all- he also takes her to a little small town carnival in Ben's honor, and I am literally liking him less and less. The ferris wheel rides aren't even romantic, it's just awkward. Is this what life with Ben will be like??? Pass.

Finally, it is time for Emily's first (and let's be honest, her last) one-on-one date. She is sooo young and immature. I mean, she's 23, so it's not her fault. But seriously, she is NOT ready for a future with Ben. As Caila says, she's a bright-eyed puppy with a lot to learn. But for some unknown reason, Ben is taking her home to meet his parents... what a waste. Emily admits that she doesn't know how to talk to people, and she is definitely proving that. She talks on and on for the longest time to Ben's mom, and we have absolutely no idea what she is saying. Except for the part where she dreams of being an NFL cheerleader. But the rest of this "conversation"... What are you talking about?!? I can't even watch this, it is so painful. Ben's mom is desperately trying to find a nice way to sway Ben away from her because let's be honest, Emily is a child. Mom even gets choked up at the thought of Ben picking Emily. Yeah. Listen to your mom. Goodbye Emily. Thankfully, Ben takes her advice, and takes Emily back home to say goodbye for good. He knows they could never be married, and it is better off this way. So long!

Emily heads back into the house to say farewell to the girls, and they are literally all crying. Whyyyy? This is not sad or a surprise to any of us! Stop ugly crying and just move on. Finally we get to the rose ceremony, and Ben knows what he has to do. Obviously Lauren and JoJo get the first 2 roses, but who will get the final rose??? It goes to Caila (duh), which means Becca is going home. Guess you'll have to find someone else to take your virginity... so close!! Anyway, this means the top 4 are as predicted, and we get to see the hometowns of Lauren, JoJo, Caila, and Amanda. Next week will likely not be too surprising, but I can't wait to see what drama is in store for hometowns! Until then!

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