Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weeks 7 & 8 Musings: Man Up!

You have probably noticed that I have regretably been absent during the past 2 weeks of Bachelorette episodes... I know you were all continuously hitting refresh on your newsfeed screaming WHERE ARE THE RECAPS??? So sorry fans, I was traveling, but just binge watched 4 hours of the show last night and I am all caught up! Here are some of my thoughts now that we are getting down to the wire...

Why are there so many GIRLS on this show? But really, I'm pretty sure this is the most man crying in the history of the show. And only 6 episodes in! Shawn, we get it, you think you are the one, but you need to man up. Kaitlyn is not going to pick you as her husband if you freak out and cry about everything and constantly need to be reasured about your relationship. Just be a man and show her why she SHOULD pick you. Honestly. Not to mention Chris "Cupcake" literally falling to the ground sobbing hysterically when Kaitlyn sent him home. For a minute I really thought he was going to throw himself off those cliffs. Really, was it that shocking? We could all tell it was coming- didn't everyone else notice that she quickly pulled away every time they kissed? Maybe because he acted like such a GIRL all the time. And then there was Joe, who literally threw a tantrum like a little drama queen when Kaitlyn sent him home. I feel like at this point the most manly guy here is Nick... and that's a problem.

Kaitlyn does not know how to be The Bachelorette. I'm sure it's hard, but she just cannot play by the rules (which I think is why Chris Harrison is not a big fan and never wants to chat with her). She clearly wants a normal dating situation where she can pick her favorites, bang them, and decide who best satisfies her needs. That's why she keeps doing all the "off camera time"- she doesn't do well with the boring on-camera stuff. Should we criticize her for the Nick situation? Maybe, but that is who she is- this show is not right for her. Which is clearly why the producers decided to totally switch up the format- she clearly knows which guys she wants to spend the night with the most, and who cares about families? But in reality, maybe this is what they should do in the future... It certainly is more realistic to how things go in real life...

Nick is definitely up to something. This is EXACTLY where he was on Andi's season. He is going to make top 2 for sure, and maybe even win this time. But he is NOT going to be a good life partner, and it will NOT work out if he wins. He knows exactly how to play the game and exactly what to say, and he clearly like stalked Kaitlyn before the show to find out exactly what she is looking for, so he could be that. I can see him winning for sure, but it would be a badddd idea. Nevertheless, the drama with Shawn is getting a little stupid. Shawn needs to just let that one play out instead of threatening him and running to Kaitlyn all the time. Side note, does anyone else think it's hilarious that Shawn will not use Nick's name and only calls him "the other guy"? Awesome.

Oh yeah, Ben H is still there. Can we just call him Ben now that the other one is gone? He is also a great guy and in reality would make the best husband (and I think he is the hottest guy left). Has his storyline just been overshadowed by the Nick-Shawn rivalry? I would love it if he ended up as the Dark Horse winner, but the producers are making that look unlikely. Maybe it will be like Des and Chris, where she will realize that he has been the one all along but she was blinded by other douches. In other news, wow does Kaitlyn have balls to accuse him of being a virgin, and wow did Ben handle it with class. I hope he wins at this point...!

No really. I LOVE him. (And then I realized he is younger than me and it weirded me out because I always imagine these guys as being older... but still.) He is so adorable and I could definitely see him choosing from a bunch of women and I think he could hold his own. And he is pretty hot too. I have said all along that he is too good for Kaitlyn, and I still think so. Go find someone better, Jared! I am rooting for you!!!

So there you have it- some of my thoughts that I just could NOT hold in. I have no clue what next week will bring, since they have literally not ended any episodes with a proper rose ceremony this entire season, so maybe they will already start hometowns... who knows? Hopefully I will be back with commentary as the shit hits the fan with the final three! Til then...

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