Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 1 Recap Part 2: And The Bachelorette Is...

Well after a complete waste of 2 hours last night, we finally get to find out who the Bachelorette will be! Can we just recap how mean and awful this situation is for these women? They get to meet 25 men, make connections, fall for some guys, and then potentially get sent packing. Again, whose idiot idea was this???

Chris Harrison starts the episode by getting right down to it and talking to the ladies. And he first goes to see Britt, where he tells her... she is NOT the Bachelorette! (secret cries of joy!) While I am happy for Kaitlyn, I also have a bit of a heart, and I do feel sad. I will not get over how mean this is. Could they not have just chosen Kaitlyn in the first place and saved some tears? Britt leaves without even the chance to say goodbye, and Chris heads over to tell Kaitlyn the news. Why does he have to be so solemn when he tells her- smile and act a little bit happy for her, geez. But really, is Chris Harrison pissed about the result? Because he literally will not even crack a smile when talking to her. Yes we feel bad for Britt, but get excited for some potential love-matches! Goodness.

Chris then reminds Kaitlyn that as the Bachelorette, her job is to hold a rose ceremony- tonight-, so she better get thinking. Okay, so really, the one thing we are all thinking- What is Kaitlyn going to do at this point with all these Britt-lovers? And what are all these Britt-lovers going to do? Really, what they should do is give the men the option to stay, or chase after Britt's limo. I mean, these guys who flat out said they only want Britt really should not be here AND they should still have the chance to find love. Talk about being here for the wrong reasons... Do we want another Bentley-Ashley-I Wish It Was Emily situation all over again?!?

Chris Harrison finally goes to the men for the big reveal, and Kaitlyn walks into a lot of applause as well as a lot of unenthusiastic clapping. Isn't she wondering who DIDN'T want her??? Immediately most of the guys start vying for her attention, and Chris even brings out the first impression rose... BTW for those keeping track, I guarantee it's around 4 am at this point, in case anyone is wondering. Some of these Britt-lovers are starting to question things, and poor Healer Tony is possibly ready to give up and drink from his own well. One of the guys (Jared?) admits to Kaitlyn that he voted for Britt, and she is so glad he told her. In fact, she said she would be really mad if she found that out later and he didn't tell her. Does that mean that ALL the Britt-voters need to tell her NOW? How is she going to react? But what if it comes out later (like in the final 4) that one of the guys didn't even initially vote for her?!? THIS IS WHY THIS ENTIRE IDEA IS RIDICULOUS AND AWFUL.

In other news, apparently this dentist/cupcake car guy has some balls, because he went in for a make out session on the first night. Who is he, Chris Soules?!? Unfortunately for him, their connection isn't the strongest, even with a make out sesh, and instead the first impression rose goes to Shawn, who ALSO gets a little make out. While I personally do not find him attractive, they are apparently really into each other, so I guess this is nice. Just hope he doesn't turn into a jerk!

Finally the rose ceremony begins, and these guys are getting nervous! Especially those major Britt-lovers like Jonathan- he literally did not even want to give Kaitlyn the time of day, and now he is worried that she will eliminate him. Why do you even want to stay at this point?! Clearly you are not here to find love if you want to stay even if the girl you like is gone. Anyway, Kaitlyn starts handing out roses, and some of the Britt-voters are getting roses! Ugh! Get these liars and fakes out of here and let the true Kaitlyn fans stay! Like, whyyyyy did she keep around weirdo Tony the healer who clearly only felt Britt's positive energy? Gross. Then shockingly, one of the guys (Brady?) who (I am pretty sure) voted for Britt, interrupts the ceremony to pull her aside to chat. GASP. What does he have to say?? I hope he is just going to excuse himself. It turns out, not only is he going to excuse himself, but he wants to find Britt to see if they can find love, and Chris Harrison is going to help him! (to be continued side story...?)

Kaitlyn appears to be a little thrown after that exit, but good riddance- I feel like that was justified. She does give a rose to Jonathan, who gladly accepts because he is not ready to go home. Yeah, this is going to end well. She sends home 4? more guys and there are still sooo many lefttttt.. I always wish they would weed out more the first night. Maybe next week. On to the previews of the rest of the season and HOLY SHIT.


Slash omggggggggg Kaitlyn is not only going to sleep with someone too soon, she is going to admit it to the other guys?!?!? The previews are making it look like she is just going to be a total slut all season long and alienate and piss off ALL the guys. Maybe I was wrong about this being the right choice (but would Britt be any better?), but OMG this is going to be insane.

The moral of the story is, I WILL be watching this season and blogging throughout, so get ready for some insane drama!!!! Wow. Damn girl.

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