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Week 8 Recap: The Brother is Back

Home town dates!!  I cannot wait to see what crazy shenanigans will ensue with these guys' families, and who will make the best connection.  Obviously I am rooting for Zak to go home, but we will see...  Oh, and Des' douche brother will be here this week to add a little extra drama to the episode.  I can't wait to hopefully see a repeat of last season!

First up we go to Zak's home, and he warns us that his family is crazy.  Even more crazy than he is.  Apparently his sister may be a little nerve-wrecking to meet, so hopefully this will get awkward.  First, Zak tells Des about a dream he had the night before, which by the way made no sense and was actually crazy, but Des is so positive about his adventurousness anyway!  Next, Zak rolls up in a sno-cone truck, which apparently his family owns?  Is this their life's work?  Zak is so "spontaneous" as he brings Des in the truck to an elementary school where there just happen to be 50+ kids waiting for sno-cones.  They all just randomly showed up!  Zak then changes into a penguin suit (totally unplanned) and Des tells us again how much she loves his spontaneity.  I feel like she needs to rethink how she is using that word...  Finally they head to meet the crazy family and they are all definitely excited to see her.  Wow there is a lot of energy in that room.  Zak's mom is actually insane but also amazing and I want to hang out with her.  And drink wine with her.  The sister is scared that Zak will get hurt, since he seems so happy with Des.  It makes me a little sad to know that he is not going to win.  I mean, he's not.  But can she keep the family?  Zak and his siblings perform a song about how they feel about Des which brings her to tears.  They really are so cute.  Later, Zak gives Des a ring (NOT an engagement ring, okay....) and tells her that he loves her.  I mean, this is really sweet and I like him, but he is not going to win.  Remember Chris, Brooks, and Drew?!  Yeah.

Speaking of Drew, he is next up.  He greets Des with like 1,000 kisses and I cannot handle how adorable he is.  First thing, Drew tells us about his family, including how his divorced parents will both be there together and it could be awkward.  Ohhh great.  They are going to pick up his sister who is intellectually disabled, and I have a feeling that Des' heart will melt for her.  The sister cannot communicate typically, but is so excited to meet Des.  Drew is super sweet with her and we all love him even more.  Drew has a pretty big family and they are all so loving, how can you not want to be a part of this family??  His dad gives him the go-ahead to marry Des and everyone is super supportive.  Just like Drew- so nice!!!  Finally, Drew tells her that he loves her and that he wants her in his life and I die.  So sweet!!!  I really hope this drama shown in the previews is not serious, because I love him. 

Next, we get to visit with Chris.  I can't wait!!  I literally melt when I see him.  Chris takes her to his old baseball field for them to play together and I love it.  His athleticism is making him even more attractive, even if it is baseball and not a real sport, and they look so flippin' cute.  They take a break for Des to show him some drawings that she did, just like his poetry.  How romantic.  She seems nervous about meeting the family, which means she really likes him!  Me too.  Can you tell?  The family welcomes her warmly and she is feeling great.  Des and Chris tell a story that involves Des tweaking her back, and Chris' dad happens to be a chiropractor.  Oh lord.  He decides to give her a little adjustment which Des feels is a little awkward (yes), and Des just wants to talk!  Girl, a free massage?  Live it up!  Pause to note that as Chris goes downstairs to find Des, he tells the family "brb" and I die.  I actually love him even more for that, if that's even possible.  Chris talks to his dad as he gives him a nasal adjustment treatment?  I think this is actually hilarious even if some people think it's weird/gross.  I love this.  His family reveals to Chris that they straight up did not like his last girlfriend (hilarious), so hopefully they will actually like Des!  Luckily his mom likes Des a lot, but I can tell she will never think anyone is good enough for Chris.  But who could be?!  He is perfect.  On top of everything, he loves his mom and treats her well.  DYING.  They have a magical kiss goodbye and seriously- how can she not choose him at the end??  Ahhhh.

Finally it is time for Brooks in good old Salt Lake City.  Time out: are they Mormon?  Is this another Jef situation?  Des tells us first thing that she loves Brooks.  Okay so... really, game over?  Brooks, if you remember, is not sure about Des, and he is hoping that meeting the family will help him figure it out.  He is not feeling the fact that she is spending time with other guys.  Legitimate.  I'm pretty sure I would not be happy about that either...  She gives him a list of all the happy moments they had together to reassure him, but I am worried that this process is not going to work for him. Next, they go out in a canoe in a little lake in a park and they are just so happy together.  But meeting the family is what really matters here...  Brooks has a big family (they must be Mormon, right??), so they are all wearing name tags.  Cute.  Brooks has some serious chats with his siblings to get their take on what makes a good relationship, and it is making him feel good about things.  Which is good!  He tells his mom that he feels close to marriage, but I am not sold.  I'm not totally sure he is ready for marriage, but Des sure does love him.  Brooks is starting to get more excited for a future with Des, but I just don't know if this will work out.  I love him, but I am a little worried.  Plus, if he is indeed Mormon, I'm not sure how that would go.  We'll see...

My pick.
Des' pick.


Now that we have been to the home towns, it is time for the fun to begin- Des' brother is here!!!  Apparently she hasn't even seen her brother since Sean's home town date (really??) but ABC was genius enough to bring him back for some more drama!  Des is still clearly bitter about him screwing up her chances with Sean, but she tries to talk to him about the guys left.  She goes through the rundown that we know by heart: Zak- adventurous, Drew- sweet, Chris- athletic, and Brooks- quirky.  Yup, we have heard this before.  The brother asks to meet the guys now but Des is not sure about that... what if he calls them all playboys??  She sends him off after just a short chat- she really brought him all the way out there for 5 minutes of awkward conversation?  Please.

Before the rose ceremony, Des has a nice little sit down with Chris Harrison for some chit chat about the guys.  Turns out she still loves Brooks even though he is the only one who hasn't said it, so this could get interesting.  She says flat out that she predicts a proposal from Brooks at the end, and we are like, seriously.  Why are you still doing this show then?  To try to make Brooks finally love you back?  I feel like this is not going to end the way she wants.  Clearly Brooks and Chris are her top 2, and I am pretty sure Drew is in 3rd.  But now that her brother is lurking for the rose ceremony, who knows what is going to happen...  Oh wait, nothing.  Are you kidding me that we had all this suspense built up for the brother, but literally nothing happened with it?  Okay, thanks ABC.  Well, Des cries as she prepares to hand out the roses, but as expected they go to Brooks, Chris, and Drew.  Is this season predictable or what??  Zak is devastated of course, and I am the most sad for his awesome little family!  He is so spontaneous as he starts to cry as they say goodbye, and Des knows how he feels.  Flashback to Sean's season and the night she went home.  Oh Zak, please quote Des to Des and tell her she is making a huge mistake.  She gives back the ring and he heads home.  He gives a tearful goodbye from the limo and even throws the ring out the window.  Whatever. 

Next week is the Men Tell All special (already?!) but I don't even care- I want to see who WINS.  We'll see some drama with Ben and James, but I would rather just get to the final episodes!  I can't wait to see how this ends, and hopefully she will find SOMEONE.  Until then...

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